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Bertha Dudde Messages

Author: Bertha Dudde 1.4.1891 - 18.9.1965
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Book 14-16

B.D. NR. 637 - B.D. NR. 800
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Book 14-16 0637

Pleasures of the world. Receiving vessel of divine spirit.

24. October 1938. B.D. NR. 0637.

Do not let yourselves be deluded by the attractions of the world. Because you get into great danger, and the salvation of your soul is to be higher than everything in the world. When you want to serve the Lord, you must give up everything what connects you with this earth; you must put yourselves into conscious defence against the temptations of the world. The fight against this strengthens the spirit in you, and you as conqueror of matter will also become free of the violence of evil. All what you see and feel holds immature spiritual in it, which you have to resist, because the earth with all the splendour and all externals is given to you as bone of contention – as temptation – so that you are to test yourselves in it and learn to resist this temptation out of free will. Once all splendour of the world has seized hold of you then the fight is unspeakable difficult, and then it is time to use force to acquire the kingdom of heaven. Only in constant fight against temptation is it possible to lift the misery of the soul and to redeem it out of dark night. It languishes all that much in the bonds of matter surrounding it, and its desire is the freeing of it. That is why man must avoid everything what could thicken its cover – he must try to bring relief to it by willingly giving up everything what connects him with the earthly world, and turn his thoughts towards the spiritual world. Because of this it gets light and bright around the soul and its state becomes more and more free. It seeks the connection with the divine spirit slumbering in it, which can unite with the soul the freer it becomes of matter. Resistance against all worldly desire is always an inescapable condition for the awakening of the spirit in it. For the state of the soul can never improve when the body gives in to earthly desires, and therefore the soul can also never become a receiving vessel of divine spirit. The world tempts very much and is therefore a continual danger for the soul, but because man has assistants of every kind at his disposal during earth life, he is still in control to resist it. The divine creator lets no being go defencelessly and helplessly through earth life – he can acquire every protection and every help through prayer, and who makes use of this means can have every earthly temptation under control, because through prayer he partakes of all favour of the Lord and never needs to be afraid to be defencelessly at the world’s mercy. He increases his spiritual goods in the same measure as he makes use of prayer, consequently he has himself the possibility and power to pictorially separate from earth and to completely satisfy himself spiritually for it and to exchange for the soul far nicer things than the earth can ever offer the body in worldly fulfilment. And consequently man gives up nothing when he avoids the pleasures of the world, but wins unspeakably much because the pleasures of the world are not permanent – they are false and transitory – but spiritual pleasures offset all earthly things and remain in existence until all eternity. Amen. B.D. NR. 0637.


Book 14-16 0638

Spiritual state. Thoughts about God for self-improvement.

24. October 1938. B.D. NR. 0638.

Men pay no attention to their spiritual state when they are in the middle of daily care. They do their earthly job and are not in the least concerned about connecting with the eternal divinity. They therefore cannot establish the relationship of the child to the father, and so they remain separated from the father in heaven as long as they move all too much in earthly activity. The simplest solution would be to recommend oneself to divine favour at all times. They would then create in such a great measure, and also their earthly activity would be blessed by the Lord. Provided the thought about God accompanies the course of life the child of earth is in an unspeakable happy situation because with this thought also spiritual powers reach it, which prompt the child of earth to spiritual creation and protect it from relapse into complete earthly interests. Man starts the actual work on the soul when he just concerns himself with the divine being in thoughts – when he asks in his heart the question what the purpose of earth life is and in what relationship he himself stands to the divine creator. Then he has given himself willingly into the power of good spirits, which now make use of this power and apply everything for their part to always keep the thoughts in the same direction – that they concern themselves all the time with infinity and its creator. Who once steers his spirit in such ways will also change his own nature at the same time because the thought of God – which is always preceded by a turning away from the earthly, will understandably result in self-improvement, which is also again an effect of higher spirit beings on the mind of man. But man will only then receive the power in all fullness when his heart has become love – when it out of God consciousness cannot help it than to give love – then man more and more gives up his evil habits; he spiritualizes himself more and more, and the greater the influence of his spiritual friends on his soul will be. Then the striving of man is easy when he abandons himself willingly to this spirit power being well-disposed to him. What first causes him unspeakable effort has now become an easy work for him, which he carries out gladly. To know which assignment God has intended for man, and to be able to carry out this assignment wholeheartedly, is alone already such a proof of divine favour that the gratitude to this will drive man to most eager striving. Because going through earth life without knowledge arranges this earth life to difficult activity which does not satisfy the soul. As long as the connection to the father has not been found the days on earth have been lived in vain for eternity. Only when love is active in man, consciously or unconsciously, man truly starts to live on earth. The spiritual state will then be a bright one; knowledgably he will then look at everything; he will give in to the fine stirrings of the heart and seek and find inner peace in thinking of his creator. He has recognized life’s only purpose and now eagerly seeks to fulfil it. He only still looks at everything out of the point of view of this recognition and willingly he lets himself being guided from above – the assistant sent by God to man - and his way must now lead him safely, towards the eternal home and his divine father. Amen. B.D. NR. 0638.


Book 14-16 0641

Prediction. Destruction of God’s word and writings. Prayer.

27. October 1938. B.D. NR. 0641.

Heaven and earth will pass away but my word will remain until all eternity. And who believes in this word he will likewise not die in eternity because everything, what is from me, is eternal life. And yet you will have to wrestle and fight about this my word. You will approach a time, which carries in itself the highest responsibility; you will have to prove that you are creatures of the divinity and not children of evil. And when you produce this proof you will be blessed for all eternity. The ones who are mine will stand in the fight and will have to put up quite a fight against the enemy because all earthly power will set against that what has gone out from the eternal divinity, and also not be afraid of any means which are for the complete destruction. But in the dark night the light will shine for you, who adhere to my word, and you will be able to go the way without worry to get lost. And so hear: Where the world makes a point of working against me, there I prepare the counterthrust, and it will make the earthly power sway in its firmness because it suddenly sees the Lord’s avenging hand in the sky. And this will show itself not until after its regulations and laws are meant for the complete stamping out of my teaching – when it is therefore obviously recognizable that the teaching of Christ is no longer allowed to be offered to men. Only then I intervene, to protect at the same time my fighters from worst danger who are active for me. So look forward to this time with calm and confidence; when the trouble is greatest I will stand by you with my help, and I will certainly know to prevent that the army of my fighters will be disbanded or destroyed. Everything is subject to me, in heaven and on earth. O what foolishness, to oppose me! And when they do not believe in my power, then it has to be proved to them visibly. In a truly wise meaning you are to use your power on earth, to the honour of God and to the salvation of your soul, but not to try to build up an empire on pure earthly desires and advantages, which can only be called a kingdom of Babel when you assess your own power too highly and believe you can irresponsibly make your decrees against the divine creator which are directed against the will of the Lord. It is still optional for men, and everyone alone raises in the heart the question which is determining for eternity. But not long, then guidelines will be given to you on which your thinking is to move. It will be the effort of the world and its representatives to stop all knowledge about the teaching of Christ. What still exists of documents and writings will be called in most severely, and men who do not give up my word will come into bad inner trouble. And I will then think of them in the trouble. Who wants to keep me in his heart he is never forsaken, and earthly powers cannot harm him because my power reaches beyond them. The undertaking of the world, which is meant for the complete destruction of God’s teaching, will be recognizable both in its effects and in its defeats, because that I will allow in the beginning, to direct the attention of all on it. Not until the effort is obvious, when all doubt about the earnestness of such projects has vanished and when the trouble of the ones who are mine is greatest, will I come out into the open and then stretch out my judge’s hand over those who deny my word, and when that hour has come, you, who are loyal to me, will recognize that you are guided safely by the hand of the father. Whatever the world may impose on you, you just have to always look up to me and seek my spirit firmly trusting me to rescue you out of trouble. He, who will equip you with power to resist and will never let you face ruin. So that your soul is not exposed to danger, I work incessantly among you as a sign of my presence. Amen

Let the words of the heavenly father end with a prayer, which you are to send up to him always in all trouble:

Take me up in your peace
    most loving heavenly father you.
Give me power for the fight down here,
    you strengthen my will.
Always give me your favour,
    lead me on the right way.
Always and without hesitation
    let me serve you to your honour.
And when I get into trouble
    you increase my faith.
You remain with your love
    with me weak earth child.
Help me that through the world bustle
    I find to my saviour.
Protect and guard me
    all the time and for ever.

Amen. B.D. NR. 0641.


Book 14-16 0645

Earthly and Spiritual Activity. Faith. Love.

29. and 30. October 1938. B.D. NR. 0645

Every being that comes into contact with the earth has a visible earthly destiny and at the same time has to execute an activity that corresponds with the spiritual meaning. And this will only then be comprehensible when the whole earth life is considered properly. At certain intervals the being separates from its particular form. It has fulfilled its assignment, acted earthly by stimulating the creative work of God, and has used in this form the ripening period that God assigned to it, so that again a new form can receive it for further development. But now constantly greater resistances are to be passed by the spiritual being the more mature and the more extensive the outer form becomes. Every being in the divine creation can only reach a mature state through resistance, because through the overcoming of this resistance it strives upwards and this alone will be assessed by the creator. It cannot as it were test the power without resistance, cannot even then furnish proof of the inner strength and power. When now this being is nearing its completion, which only then makes the embodiment as a human being possible, the urge for earthly activity will increase accordingly, and the soul will therefore continuously endeavour to be worthy of a great assignment in order to increase its own advancement through this. Before its embodiment as human being the soul very well recognizes the situation in which it finds itself and has no other aim but to soon have the time of its walk on earth over and done with and therefore only wants to be active all the time in every possible form so that it can improve as soon as possible the most painfully oppressing earthly situation. Yet still countless opportunities are missed which could alleviate the soul’s suffering. Often without resistance the fight for the last promotion is abandoned, working for the own well-being on earth is not done, but due to the weakness of faith the soul is held back from its actual activity. (30. October, 1938) This is a process which becomes understandable to all when you bear in mind that there can’t be any advancement when the being is always in the same condition in matter - that however this condition is not getting changed when the divine power can’t act, but that this will only then show when the conditions are met, which consist of: first of all a strong faith in a divine power and out of this faith the compliance with the demand of the divine power. Before the embodiment as a human being the spirit being meets all these demands of God because it must carry out the will of God; so doing that what it is supposed to do in every form assigned to it. But as a human being it is fitted out completely different, with the gift of reason, of a mind and with free will. Therefore the human being can examine and accept or reject everything. And because a spark of divine knowledge is laid into its heart it can now think for itself and can put itself into a state of inner belief and only then the ascent starts. But without faith the human being also walks on his earthly way in unchanged spiritual condition and so does not fulfil his assignment on earth. The time now passes by unused that the being was previously striving for, knowing that only this embodiment as a human being can bring deliverance from matter. All demands that the earthly life makes on the human being are properly met and the only most important one, the advancement of the soul, is disregarded. And still the being has to walk this earthly way without knowledge of the actual purpose – it alone must appropriate this knowledge for itself because it also received the ability to do it. Of its own accord it must find the way to the highest deity and long for it because only this way can the full return to the father’s house be accomplished. A forced being could never bring itself into a godlike form and could also not remain in a lasting relationship with the heavenly father because it would not have completely separated from its lusts. It must conquer these in full faith and out of free will and so force its way upwards. And now it also can be understood why the spiritual life of the individual is completely independent from the earthly activity. Spirit is free and unattached and stays where it likes. But often just in this activity and its effects on earth life the mind and the thinking is stimulated in a way that an explanation is sought and found how the spiritual activity is connected with the earthly one. And exactly then faith gets activated and with it starts the redemption of the soul from matter. Because the right kind of faith produces the love for God and for the neighbour and the love again is the only possibility to redeem oneself. Love has a charitable effect in every way; it puts the human being in a state of cognition; it ennobles it and draws all that is spiritual upwards to the top. Love brings about the final unification with the heavenly father, who is but love himself. Amen. B.D. Nr. 0645.


Book 14-16 0661

Work of powers of nature in God’s will. Disaster.

10. November 1938. B.D. NR. 0661

For the path through man’s life always those laws are valid which God has given to the beings from the start of the world as necessary for the spiritual development. Often forces work against them but an invisible power is superior to them; they will always feel the effects of their disobedience as disadvantageous for themselves and either turn back to activity wanted by God or become more and more strongly to feel the power of God in the remaining of their maliciousness. So is also the work of the powers of nature always and forever subject to the will of God because if this would be abandoned to the opposing power then soon everything would be an entire work of destruction as the opposing forces are always only destructively active, but God’s wisdom and will is for the keeping of all what is created. Where now the powers of nature still behave destructively there is also always the will of God active, but never is this destruction an allowance of evil forces. Then very wisely reasons are there which let God intervene, but which only serve a certain promotion of spiritual beings or the development of human living things. In manifold ways there is also a good side to destructions. Spirits of nature become free from unspeakable long bound form – other spirits of nature are allowed to be abundantly active and through it comply with their purpose – and sleeping spiritual beings are roused from their rest which is always only harmful to one of them. That such destructions often have a sorrowful effect for mankind is also an allowance from God, a pointer of his existence to the complete unbelievers and a test stone for the believers whose power and faith is to be strengthened through it. Because only such unusual appearances, which such natural disasters always remain, are capable to put man into a state of thinking. When all power of men is not sufficient to stop it, and poor and rich, high and low completely alike are exposed to such disasters wanted by God, then the question remains open with one or another why such a judgement affects men and how far a divine power is recognizable. And such questions can lead to a complete change of present thinking and guide man to the way of enlightenment. Small events precede all natural disasters which make such thinking easier for men, and every inner state before is also preparation for the experience following after it. Just to really recognize once that all worldly power cannot create the smallest change with such elementary effects of nature – that all who are in the area of a natural disaster are exposed to these – and men would have to turn his thoughts up and try to reach spiritual enlightenment – but mankind has already advanced too far in its conceit – it still sets for such obvious work of the eternal divinity the word: work of the powers of nature – and with it seeks to dismiss everything what their spiritual attitude does not like. It thinks it is knowing and, what it does not understand, is just an expression of nature founded on itself – but in the rarest cases as a visible intervention of a divine being. The explanation of all natural phenomena which appeals most to them is the development by itself under the influence of sunshine, which is again an inexplicable source of power in space and achieves all life on earth, but therefore all men are also nothing but beings awakened by such natural powers, which have their beginning and their end on this earth. That a being presides over everything in the entire universe which has put on this earth every creation for a definite purpose, from the smallest creature up to the crown of creation, man, according to a plan full of wisdom through his will and his omnipotence, that will such an ignorant man not understand. They do not acknowledge such a being and that is why they never see God’s will expressing itself in the rule of the elements of nature. The ones standing afar, not affected by it, do not at all pay particular attention to such disasters; they always just cite similar cases, and with it such events are quickly dismissed. And God has to reach for more and more obvious means – he has to let such disasters follow each other quicker and quicker and affect men when these phenomena are to make an impression. It is regrettable how little the suffering of fellow men triggers true sympathy – and how automatically an indication from above is received. And so the signs will have to assume a more and more powerful extent when men are to be roused from their sleep. Only when their own life is in danger, do they attach importance to a matter, and that is why still much suffering and fear is to be the lot of men – and things will have to appear which will let men pay attention to a will which cannot be resisted. But even entirely unusual natural phenomena are explained and accepted as if they were the most natural things in the world because the worldly wise are immediately prepared to give a completely natural explanation for everything unexplainable to men, but never however will such an explanation apply to the work and rule and will of God. They fancy themselves to be above this and are therefore in a completely erroneous opinion which also cannot be of use for men taught by them. Many will still have to change their view and therefore also still make many sacrifices until they get full enlightenment, and in order to accelerate this the Lord now intervenes more often than ever and jolts and shakes the world so that all, who live on it, are to pay attention and respect the divine voice which brings them news of the will of God, of his omnipotence and wisdom, and who looks in this spirit at every natural phenomenon and the stormy rule of the elements, he will already recognize such as the voice of God and make an effort to always do the right thing before God. Amen. B.D. NR. 0661.


Book 14-16 0667

Night of terror.

14. November 1938. B.D. NR. 0667.

In the night of terror you will see the crucified in the sky, who will come visibly in a cloud because men, who believe in him, are to be made again aware of his suffering and death, and is to give them strength to work for him. When you see the sign in the sky do not think that all suffering is over but know that the wrestling for souls starts with renewed power and that you are to be his fighters on earth – know that the Lord himself is among you to give you strength where it is necessary, and not one wrong prayer shall be done which is for the salvation of men. What however will very much disconcert you that are the renewed oppositions from outside, why the Lord allows such, but you will soon recognise that also these oppositions can have a beneficent effect with those who you have already won, that they start to follow the word of God with always greater enthusiasm, and the oppositions from outside are just the impetus. Because they will recognize true salvation in the word of God wherever it will be offered to them, and there will be none among them who does not also feel the power of it when he only accepts it with the heart. Who has found to the saviour during the terrible night never lets him go from himself, and no matter how it rages around these children of the earth. In them is peace and the firm confidence that all suffering on earth will some day take the place of heavenly happiness. But the endeavour of the world will be to make still more unbearable the lot to the followers of the true teaching of God, but in the same measure these also receive the strength to bear everything what loads are imposed on them. Because heaven blesses who trusts it. A wise house father will maintain all his buildings well so that he does not lose any of his goods. The heavenly father will still much more take care that all his building blocks do not get damaged. What is his he does not let get lost but reinforces his building just more and more that it can hold the onslaughts from outside. Therefore leave your worries which are meant for this time of tests. Who is willing to serve God and to fulfil his will, will overcome every danger victoriously and only always work for the greater honour of God. Amen. B.D. NR. 0667.


Book 14-16 0668

Judgement of God

14. November 1938. B.D. NR. 0668.

The judgement of God has to come over men for the Lord has announced it in word and script, and his word fulfils itself in all truth. Because the Lord saw the will of men shaping in such a form as it rules the world at present. And he again and again points to judgement to move people to turn back and so be able to avert judgement for it is only alone because of the will of mankind to escape from this, but when men do not listen to all warnings and admonitions they are themselves to blame for the misery which will strike earth. It is an incessant coming and going, and living and dying, and each generation has received news from above and heard the will of the Lord. But faith has become weaker and weaker – everything what the Lord sent to men for the purpose of instruction has been rejected unbelievingly, and the thinking of me became shallower and shallower. Likewise all so-called religiousness has become just mere formality, and that is it what now forces the eternal divinity to intervene – so that mankind can be led back to true faith, and so it will happen as the Lord has said. The forces of heaven will unite with the good of earth; without any visible instigation a change will occur in nature which will worry and then paralyze all people with horror. Towards the end of the day you see the threatening forms of clouds and know no explanation for it. Your senses hear a strong roar around and above you – you seek to flee and so save yourselves and still do not know where to, because all around you is night. And so you are beyond saving, exposed to the powers and just have one protection – prayer towards the creator – towards the heavenly father. He alone is your refuge and protection; he alone can bring rescue to you and keep judgement away from you. And he will be close to everyone who calls upon him in his trouble. And therefore do not flee wherever you may be. The judgement catches up with you everywhere, and likewise God’s help is ready for you everywhere – not one of you can escape the disaster out of his own strength, because the arm of God reaches all, and also his love and mercy stretches exactly as far, where it is desired. Every disaster is stopped when the child of earth has recognized and turned to the father. But where the hearts are stubborn and hardened, there earth threatens to burst and quite many will be victims of the judgement of God, because they do not listen to the last admonition of the Lord and therefore there is no rescue for them. Earth will be struck by distress of all kinds a full year before, so that the mind of men turns – away from the world and on towards the true aim, so that he becomes believing and seeks God. And suffering will be great, but essential – for the Lord is forbearing and merciful; he would like to avert the great suffering of the judgement, which can only happen when mankind turns towards faith. And that is why also such an enormous spiritual work starts, because the rescue of innumerable souls out of night is necessary towards eternal light. Who has found the Lord does not have to face the judgement with fear; he will find consolation in the promise of the Lord, who knows the ones who are his and will protect them of every danger of body and soul. And all trouble will pass them, when they are only believingly looking up to the Lord and saviour. Who is aware of the coming time and makes an effort to fulfil the will of God, who always asks God for firm faith and commends himself for him and his mercy, he will not be surprised by the time of judgement. Who always just looks up, him judgement cannot frighten, but the word of the Lord is just fulfilled, as predicted, and the Lord just announces visibly his power and his will to the terror of those who do not want to hear him. But his true children are not afraid of this voice - to them he is near in all love and mercy and protects them that they do not come to any harm and become to stagger in the great trouble which will come over earth. Therefore pray constantly that you remain in his love, and you will escape all disaster. Amen. B.D. NR. 0668.


Book 14-16 0669

Intercession for poor souls

15. November 1938. B.D. NR. 0669.

Always and at all places think of poor souls. They need your help and so are still in contact with earth until they have struggled through to the light. All means you use to get your souls matured are denied to them, and they are just always concerned about reducing their suffering, and so they wait for help which you men can give to them so easily through your prayer. All worry about your soul will some day be supported in many ways when only you think of the deceased quite often, which, once in the state of light, amply repay your effort to you. Therefore never leave out of consideration that, besides of earthly activity, your care on earth is to be for the activity in true neighbourly love and this also applies to the ones who have departed from earth. Do not allow them to starve, where already a thought in love, a prayer in loving memory gives them great relief. Because innumerable beings are supplied with power when a loving heart turns to the father in heaven to ask for favour. Likewise you are to consider how enormously important it is when love follows the deceased. What here on earth helps men with their bodily welfare can never bring relief in the hereafter, there love is the only power and strengthening, and without it the soul is exposed to all states of suffering. To whom God has given a long life, he is to value and make full use of this favour for eternity and to also think quite often of those who have been called away early to the hereafter. Life often gives men the opportunity to care for the state of the soul, where in the hereafter only the will of the beings is free. When it turns up, the soul is already helped very much, for then also spiritual help is supplied to it from above, but often the soul also lacks the willpower, and then its state is deplorable. And there you men have to give help; you have to try to imagine that you can stand by helpless beings, but carelessly go past their misery - that you need to apply only very little effort and with it you can already make the state of suffering more bearable for them. You must never believe that your prayer could have only little influence on the situation of such souls. Where love is really the cause of a prayer for the deceased there love has an effect on the souls of them which is remarkably alleviating suffering and gives help. No man on earth is able to imagine the suffering of the incomplete souls in the hereafter, and the deep insight can also not be given to them according to the wise judgement of the creator, but you men can yourselves imagine the most horrible situation but will still never be able to hit upon the right extent. That is why you are to give your love to the deceased, and supply them with your love which you can give to them when it is your will. Only love is able to alleviate all suffering, in heaven and on earth, and be in the habit of it and never tire because only love can bring redemption in heaven and on earth. Amen. B.D. NR. 0669.


Book 14-16 0678

Judgement is blessing for weak in faith. Unusual phenomena. Strong faith is protection. Secure building. Hand of judge.

22. November 1938. B.D. NR. 0678.

The great judgement will still have an unspeakable beneficial effect for a great part of mankind because who was up to then weak in faith, but did not completely turn away from God, will feel the strict but just hand of the father and still remove himself from the edge of undoing and recommend himself to the favour of God. Who are still turning to him in the last hour are from now on the most eager followers of the word and will of God. They will try to make up for what they have missed, and not rest until the height is reached and the soul can separate from matter, and so just a very short time is necessary to bring such souls to turn back, but the short time will have such a dreadful effect for the children of the earth because such unfamiliar phenomena pass the senses of men that they have to suffer unspeakably and can just seek and find help in these fearful times there, from where alone help will also come to them. Already seven years before the adversary wrestles for these souls, which are too weak to resist, partly out of lethargy and partly out of ignorance which is their own fault. But in the end of the years the misery will have increased so immensely – and man will still fear for his life and try to keep it with all strength because death is still feared by those whose soul is not mature for eternity. But who can calmly await bodily death, him the powers of nature will also not be able to harm, because their faith will protect them before the worst; in full intimacy it will direct their mind to the heavenly father in trouble, and the Lord will give them power so that they can bear their lot easily. But who believes to inhabit a secure building and relies on it, he will also get the hand of the judge to feel there, when his thinking is not just and his life is not pleasing God. Because no boundaries will be drawn, the omnipotence of God leaves no being out, so that it decides for whom its love is – for the earthly world or the home of its soul. And because this is to come, therefore work the soil well in the vineyard of the Lord, make use of the time and preach God’s word – and you will mature yourselves in the love for the creatures of the Lord – and you will also most clearly recognize where the Lord allocates love activity to you, so that you can work to his honour. Amen. B.D. NR. 0678.


Book 14-16 0685

Wolf in sheep’s closing. Forerunner of the Lord before return.

26. November 1938. B.D. NR. 0685.

The adversary has the easiest job of it when he moves along as wolf in sheep’s clothing and deludes men with looks and words. He will make use of every opportunity where he can bring about harm among mankind. Who falls into the claws of the wolf will be pitilessly torn to pieces when he has won power over the soul. Therefore let it be said to you: You will recognize him who goes over earth with the fiery sword of his mouth. Not one will doubt his word because it will be divine and the outflow of the deepest of God’s love. But do not seek him in splendour and glory, his name is low - unknown - he certainly calls himself John, but his body on earth does not have that form, which adorns him spiritually. He walks in the midst of you and teaches in words and deeds and will be a forerunner of the Lord before his return on earth. Likewise his word will testify of God’s love wherever he stays, and raise deep longing for truth and light in the hearts of mankind. Do not believe the voices of the time now, which want to mislead you, which want to dull your mind for the good and noble – leave them their part and only remain alone with what the Lord sends from above. Because the adversary’s tendency turns to the world, but not away from it, towards the eternal divinity. Who will listen to those words, he hears the Lord’s words directly, and his spirit will announce true salvation, and who hears him is permeated by his words. He comes in the splendour of trues, nothing will adhere to him what is worldly. But the country which holds him is blessed through his presence. But when he will come then also the hour of judgement is no longer far - he will bear all sufferings with patience and only always hear the voice of the Lord. Remember these words when they will seize him to seal his lot on earth. But you men will never be able to prevent the fighter for God to carry out what he has taken upon himself because of mankind. Your power will never reach that far, that you will move against the Lord with impunity. But his eye will rest on you gently, you who want to harm him. Because his love and patience applies to all those whose hearts are against him. And he will win many because the power of his words and his love is unspeakable great. And world affairs will lose respect. The souls will separate, which see in him their rescuer from deep trouble, and those whose part is the world alone. And their end will be death of body and soul. And so light might be given to you so that you recognize the work of those whose desire is down, who are afraid of all light from above and who strive to extinguish it, so that the adversary seizes hold of the souls in the darkness. You will get light who desire light; the Lord does not let you languish in darkness, and he will keep you from the rapacious wolfs, which creep in among his flock in their disguising and try to bring about confusion. Read his word and recognize the first signs of confusion. And who has ears to hear, he may listen: Not the world will bring you peace, but alone only he whose kingdom is not of this world. And his peace will be an eternal peace which nothing in the world can anymore disturb and which will yet also extend over earth – over those men who hear the word of God out of the mouth of a pure disciple of Jesus – who wants to stand by men in his love and announces to them the eternal love of God. He will bring peace to men who are of good will. Amen. B.D. NR. 0685.


Book 14-16 0726

Fate not obstacle of recognition. Free will.

29. December 1938. B.D. NR. 0726.

See, my child, innumerable, far ramified and still always again overlapping events, which you call coincidences, are most closely connected with my creation. Only a director of all things and all events can manage that creation and all work in the universe runs its well-ordered course, and in this connection it will become clear to you that you cannot escape your fate which is determined by me for you for this life, and that is it what then lets you believe that you just always have to carry out what is determined for you since eternities. On the one hand you certainly have to, but you are never forced to adopt a certain belief – or certain spiritual views through worldly events. This is completely left up to you, and every worldly event, whether it seems pleasant or unpleasant to you, certainly gives you more than enough the possibilities to reach the right recognition. Not one of the children of earth will be able to say that life imposed on it would have hindered it to reach true insight, for I decree all world events, whether men make such themselves through their will, always so, that they give the child of the earth the greatest possible opportunity to foster its inner life. So it can happen that in the middle of greatest and most painful events the true relationship of the child of earth to the father is established far earlier than in carefree existence – that however also in it a child can find to the father when attention is paid to the events of the environment and the heart is not hardened and its I is given too much priority. I certainly give all my creatures what is best for them into the hand, because my permanent care is only for the final return of my creatures, and my love and wisdom is therefore also concerned about to let men go the way which offers him the greatest possibility to come close to me. And that is why men experience daily and hourly this my care with every step which they walk in the way of the earth prescribed by me. How they now make use of the possibilities is completely up to them. There then is free will active. If I would also leave free will purely earthly, then they would rob themselves of every possibility of maturing of the soul, because then they could form their life on earth so how each of them likes it, unhindered by higher power. Their striving would be more and more only for the world, matter would be increased and all spiritual decreased. And the work of my creation would be completely destroyed in the end, where my wisdom is eliminated and for it free will of man, whose wisdom is insufficient, would want to rule all of it. And so you again only have to recognize my love for you men in it, that I only, to be able to give to you once the highest, direct your earthly life according to my will – that you however are allowed to use the spiritual freedom of will unlimitedly, both up and also down. From time to time you also have your earth fate yourselves and can form it any way you want, but also then the conditions and events will always approach you so that you have the same possibility of your inner shaping – whether you have chosen fate yourselves so or so – that you therefore apparently indeed can create for yourselves other circumstances through own will, but you still have to go the same walk through suffering and worry when this is intended for you by me for the purpose of spiritual progress. When you base everything, what approaches you, always on this insight, then you will soon leave yourselves to me in full trust and establish the right relationship of the child to the father, which is first condition to rightly fulfil earth assignment in spiritual sense. And that is why all spiritual experience will never depend on the earthly situation, but each one will offer enough opportunity that the earth child can subordinate itself to my will and so draw greatest use for its soul. And consequently the objection is invalid that earthly activity or assignment does not allow a deepening of spiritual knowledge because I guarantee the former to everyone, but the latter is alone left to the free will of man. Amen. B.D. NR. 0726.


Book 14-16 0754

3 Years faith test. Christendom. Lip prayer.

24. January 1939. B.D. NR. 0754.

Excerpt only

Three full years will pass until the whole Christendom has overcome the faith test to either having now become stronger itself or having completely discarded faith in Jesus Christ as redeemer of the world. And in these three years an elimination will become clearly noticeable because the world with its followers will try to push through the complete breaking off from faith, while the others join together firmer and firmer and devote themselves more intimately than ever to their saviour and redeemer. 0754.


Book 14-16 0764


29. January 1939. B.D. NR. 0764.

The word accompanying your life shall be: To serve the Lord in all things I will always make an effort, and his blessings will accompany you on all your ways. Hear what the Father has intended for you: The very holiest sacrament of the altar is one appointed by God but the meaning has also to be understood wisely. Now a wall of protection of spiritual friends surrounds you which keep away everything what is false and incorrect, as it is meant for you to give men clarity through you in one question, which very often has become a dispute. Gradually a very false view has crept in to the right thinking of men, which again gave occasion to conflicts and wrong opinions. Without having before asked for the consent of the divine Lord and Saviour an order has been passed, which is contrary to the divine teaching. The vivid portrayal of the holy communion is always the reception of God’s word with the heart. Who eats my flesh – i.e. who receives my word in himself with a hungry heart – and drinks my blood – i.e. receives truth with my word and completely lives in truth according to my word – he receives me. In this meaning my words are to be understood: That is my flesh – that is my blood. So as man needs bread for the bodily welfare, so the pure word of God is necessary for the preservation of eternal life. And as wine gives power to the weak, so truth out of God is to strengthen the soul, when it receives it in itself. An when one speaks of a transformation of bread and wine into my flesh and blood then this is to be understood legally that my word brings myself home to man as it where, when it is obeyed – i.e. is eaten and drunk, and that therefore man receives myself with my word in himself because my word teaches love and I myself am love. Who loves me receives me completely in his heart and will therefore be satisfied at my table with my bread and my wine – with the word of truth and of life. The meaning was certainly properly understood but one wanted to deepen the impression of my words ceremonially but now attached the greater importance to the ceremony so that, who does not fulfil it, was declared devoid of all claims to all blessings. And so for the time being the external was kept, but the deeper meaning was lost; communion became more and more a form; the word, the divine truth, no longer found entry in the hearts; on the other hand the form was kept until today, and man believes to have fully satisfied his duty when he believingly goes to the altar of the Lord. But how can I dwell in a man who has not first changed himself into love, who does not obey my word and keeps my commandments. Who strives for receiving me bodily and spiritually and carries me in the heart must eat my bread and drink my wine – he must desire the bread of life, that comes from heaven, as food, and he must drink the wine, the living truth that flows to him who thirsts for it. Only then he eats my flesh and drinks my blood and will live in eternity because he is then in me, and I am in him. Only this way and no other way communion is to be understood, which I have set up with those words, but which you men have explained as you see yourselves fit and you have not recognized the deep meaning of my words. The more eagerly you strive for to just fulfil the form and the more you just receive my bread and my wine on the face of it, the less I will be present myself, and therefore you will not receive myself but will be close to me just in your imagination because I am only there where deepest love for me is expressed through the fulfilment of my commandments and a life according to my word – because he eats my flesh and drinks my blood: Who fulfils my will and serves me – who confesses me before all the world, he will certainly be my disciple, with whom I want to take communion and whom I want satisfy, him I want to give his part – he will be fed by me and receive the bread of heaven until all eternity. Amen. B.D. NR. 0764.


Book 14-16 0786

The way of the soul before the existence on earth. Re-embodiment teaching.

24. February 1939. B.D. NR. 0786.

In time immemorial the human soul has before gone its way through thousands of embodiments of every single kind. This time has brought about a certain maturity, which now in the last stage as man is to still lead to higher perfection. The knowledge about it should be enough to apply the extreme power to reach the state of perfection, but exactly this knowledge is completely rejected by most men. Unfortunately often the wrong opinion exist that a soul does not have to first take shape to that what is, but is inherent in the living being in always the same way and that one can only speak of a soul with man when one wants to accept something which continues to exist after death in the first place. The animal is denied every single soul or spiritual substance – and exactly this leads to completely wrong opinions by not recognizing at all the exceedingly compelling necessity of all living beings except of that of man. It is therefore of greatest importance to keep the varied, indescribable often happening reshaping of the outer cover in mind to only then become aware of the whole responsibility as man in life on earth. When only one unique embodiment would be intended for every single being then the conditions of this embodiment would have to be so exceptionally difficult if they were to lead to the degree of maturity required for eternal happiness, for the distance of such a spiritual being from the eternal deity is too immeasurably great than that it could be considerably decreased in such short time. That is why the creator has intended this one compulsive state for all beings, in which according to divine will every creature strives for an upward development without its own responsibility. To go through this preparatory state of the human soul in all multifariousness is of such enormous importance that only out of this arises the whole responsibility which man bears towards his soul, because this soul has wrestled in a most incredible way and defied all resistances – it had to fulfil so infinite assignments and submit in everything to the will of God, it has gone a way which was not easy – but which was the only way to form the soul so that it can pass the last great test of power in man when the will to pass is powerful in it. Every human being is therefore as such a world in itself – it is a work of creation which holds everything which exists on earth and is visible to the human eye in very finest reduction in size – the human soul has gone through all these wonders of creation and has now in its last embodiment to come through an enormous fight if the thousands of years lasting wrestling until the stage as man is not to be in vain. Man is to remain fully aware of this responsibility and ask God for power to fulfil the last assignment on earth and to so bring redemption for the soul from endless long lasting want. Amen. B.D. NR. 0786.


Book 14-16 0787

(Continuation of No. 786) The way of the soul before the existence on earth. Re-embodiment teaching.

25. February 1939. B.D. NR. 0787.

Visualize the greatness and omnipotence of God, and only then you will be able to grasp the immeasurable love, which surrounds you children of the earth that however no matter how smallest the living being is, stands in the care of the heavenly father and can never come to naught because the love of God has innumerable means and ways to also still guide the most unworthy being, which consciously resists the will of God, on the way of knowledge when also often after unspeakable long time. Again and again new covers are assigned to the being, and again and again the development of these through so many resistances is a new opportunity to mature. To achieve the highest possible spiritual maturity in life on earth is however extremely profitable for the soul for the fight in the life on earth is certainly difficult and demands much will-power, perseverance and work, but on the other hand the being is offered especially in life on earth overabundant privileges, which make maturation already possible in relatively short time. But where the will of man puts itself into blatant resistance to the reliefs offered to him, there a perfecting is called into question, often even rather a step backwards is to be recorded. The love of the father in heaven is now again and again anxious to guide the being to its last purpose, and in fact the soul is now given the opportunity to work on its perfection also in the hereafter and lift itself into the state, which results in freeing itself from all matter. This is a much more difficult beginning in a world where everything tangible is just a figment of the being’s imagination, where the soul is as it were still ensnared in all desires and worldly cravings, where it is exposed to all hostility of such kind and cannot free itself of it through its own power, where all desires, which contributed to the fulfilment of the earthly cravings now become unbearable, as they no longer can be fulfilled and cause for the soul this painful state until it consciously turns away from it and feels a desire for pure spiritual pleasure. Such a desire will be fulfilled immediately through more perfect spirit beings which are active in love, which do everything in their power to free an unhappy soul from its state. The help is granted immediately to the soul, only its will alone has to become active and turn itself away from that what still connects it to the earth and the worldly desire. Where and how this reshaping of the beings takes place has for men still been a cause for disputes concerning the re-embodiment on earth. So it may be enough for you to know that certainly infinite times pass and infinite covers in most different form have surrounded your souls – that all these living beings took up residence through God’s will in, on and above the earth, always however standing in closest connection with the exactly for the purpose of maturation existing earth – that the last stage as man can likewise only be experienced on the earth – but that with the leaving of the earthly body the soul now goes over to a completely independent kingdom from earth, no matter which state of maturity the soul has reached on earth. Also outside of this earth are the most immemorial opportunities for their further development, and once the soul has left its bodily earthly cover and the millennia lasting stay on the earth has not brought the last maturity, then such an unspeakable difficult wrestling starts in the hereafter which excels by far that in life on earth, and a re-embodiment on to earth would be the same as if the father shows again and again forbearance towards an under-age child which refuses to obey, instead of giving it into a strict school, which reveals the wrong of its action. (Interruption) B.D. NR. 0787.


Book 14-16 0788

(Continuation of No. 786 und 787) The way of the soul before the existence on earth. Re-embodiment teaching.

25. February 1939. B.D. NR. 0788.

How far the care of the heavenly father stretches for his children on earth is obvious from the fact that every embodiment before already guarantees the most possible spiritual development, which can be reached in this form, so that the soul of man is in a certain degree of maturity at its entry into the body of flesh and now the last embodiment is fully enough for the obtaining of the adoption as children of God when man makes it his concern to use the life on earth to the best of his abilities for spiritual progress. When this time of favours has passed by uselessly through own will or resistance or with little success for the soul, then this is so much more regrettable than that now the being has to bear exactly the results of its resistance itself, i.e. all immature and incomplete spiritual has simultaneously an effect also as suffering and punishment. The soul will suffer to the same extent as it recognizes its weaknesses and mistakes and can no longer, as on earth, free itself from these. The time of favour of the own redemption is over, and when the work of redemption and love of the perfect beings would not start to help the soul and to bring it up, the soul would now be hopelessly lost. But it is now a wrong assumption to be able to take up again a useless spent life on earth just as one likes to make up for the neglected self-redemption. When such would have been intended without exception by the Lord of creation then there was certainly no need for the work of redemption of the divine saviour, because then it would have been up to every being without further ado, to repeat just as one likes the once neglected or badly used life on earth, and so the exceedingly great blessing of the work of redemption would have been considerably decreased, but whereas exactly for the short duration of the life on earth favours without measure were acquired for man through the work of redemption to exactly make a complete liberation from matter possible in this time, even if it is up to every man to choose this way of favour, or rather utilize it for himself or to take upon the time of suffering in the hereafter with all agonies. The infinite love of God lets no being go to eternal ruin, and there are endless many possibilities of purification, but you will be only once allowed to use the time on earth, except the few cases where the Lord combines a special assignment or intention with it – but which are never to be generalized. The teaching about the re-embodiment is once and for all harmful to men because in a certain lukewarmness of the spirit they will always seek their consolation or their explanation in such, that they can once make up for everything they lack, and such a teaching will never be beneficial because only restless work on oneself is able to bring in success, that someday they can look back at their life satisfied – while the re-embodiment teaching always leaves oneself a way out, which is used by the weak, the careless and the lukewarm. No minute of your life you are to forget your goal, to always only strive for the reunification with God and to seek to make use of the time on earth to the utmost, only then you make yourselves worthy of the careful loving attention, which God the Lord granted you during the infinite long way, which you have walked till your existence on earth. B.D. NR. 0788.


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