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Bertha Dudde Messages

Author: Bertha Dudde 1.4.1891 - 18.9.1965
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Book 10-13

B.D. NR. 443 - B.D. NR. 636
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Book 10-13 0443


31. May 1938. B.D. NR. 0443.

The passions of men often bring about such a strong spoiling of the soul that again days pass until it has freed itself from the effects of this, and then a wrestling for strength is the fate of this soul. Do not forget, you men on earth, that you can considerably contribute to move in commensurateness of your feelings, when only you always remain aware of this state of the soul, which causes it pain and suffering. In the excitement of man immediately ill-disposed powers seize hold of this and try to fan the flames of all hate and of all bitterness to throw the soul of man as far as possible off the previous course. And only prayer for help out of these temptations weakens their power. Every minute of your life is to serve to snatch yourselves away from the violence of these powers by practising all the time gentleness, humility and patience. But who lets his passion take its free course does not pay attention to this. He just has to fight again to find back the former state, in which he will also succeed by good will, but still has just only earned the soul a step backwards. Therefore first try to get rid of all violence – to head off in all gentleness the temptations which approach you and to escape from them in this way – because how small are often the causes for great aberrations of the soul.
To every earthly power the strength is given to use its own discretion – when now its acting is not good and wise then it will have to answer itself once, but you, who are under this power, observe everything well – then still a blessing will be yours in such situations, and you will also be able to handle what is demanded when you ask the Lord for the necessary strength. Because divinity cares for you all the time and intervenes there helpingly where you ask for help. Earthly law must remain a guideline as long as it does not offend against the commandments of God and the complete divine order. Because then the Lord himself intervenes to judge and raise all who err. The voice of the Lord is penetrating and makes itself felt when it is time, but you, who walk on earth, keep to the commandments of God, and it will be easy for you to fulfil everything and to comply with what earthly is demanded of you. B.D. NR. 0443.


Book 10-13 0456

Purification of the teaching of Christ.

9. June 1938. B.D. NR. 0456.

From all sides beings ready to help turn towards you, which want to make your assignment easier, so that you do not get tired of your spiritual work. So all beings unite to one work, which is not yet fully visible to you in its size. A work is your duty, which stretches over a wide zone, both in space as well as also in time. The essence of this work is a thorough purification of the teaching, which is now preached on earth as the teaching of Christ. Again and again reforms have been given – and each was based upon the will to remove any abuses and to just teach truth. But man is always intent on creating an as much as possible complicated teaching – this was so already in old times and is also today still the same. The actual meaning of the teaching of Christ is veiled and attaches importance to outer acts and things, which just weaken the value of the teaching, but can never contribute in establishing the simplest and childlike relationship to the heavenly father, but which is first of all necessity. In like manner the followers of such complicated teaching will soon themselves no longer be able to differentiate how much more divine yet a teaching is in all simplicity, but always just direct their attention to the fulfilment of duties, which have an outward effect. Because for himself, on his own initiative, man does the least – the effect on fellow man is always a great reason of what he does. And still in the teaching of Christ everything should quite exactly be avoided what takes effect purely outwardly. Every man has to be busy with himself and want to bring this own I only always to the father in heaven – but exclude the world completely to be united with the divine creator, and then always forming his life in the midst of the world according to the will of the father – in lively love activity. This teaching is so simple and so easily feasible with good will, but men often aggravate themselves the way up. Everyone has to seek the union with God in the heart and that at any time. But where a schematizing of spiritual work is striven for – where one intends this work outwardly by the hour and that also often not in the endeavour to serve God, but to just fulfil ones duty – there the blessing is hardly to be expected, which the Lord promises the ones who are his, who love him and serve him. So the desire for spiritual food only always there moves where one strives for the true union with God – and to these the Lord announces his will – that this teaching represented among men is purified and arises anew in such a way as the Lord himself has announced it on earth to the ones who are his. The teaching of Jesus Christ always and eternally remains the same but men add or change on their own initiative – and such a changed teaching has to be purified according to the will of the Lord. So that men can find themselves in him and deep inwardly accept and follow what helps them to eternal happiness. Amen. B.D. NR. 0456.


Book 10-13 0483

Tests. Strength of resistance. Living or dying for the Lord.

25. June 1938. B.D. NR. 0483.

Excerpt only:

See, my child, for that the Lord’s tests are with the children of the earth, whether they withstand and remain active according to his will despite resistance and apparent difficulties or immediately stand away despondently from their project and so do not comply with the will of the Lord. Every resistance has the advantage to prompt a child of God to fight, and who fights for the Lord, his strength of resistance has to be tested that it also can withstand the temptations. That is why so many teachings reach you (singular) with which you (singular) are to strengthen your (singular) faith first, and you (singular) do have to wrestle yourself for this strong faith. For if you are inactive also a strong faith will decrease and become weaker, whereas a faith which has been hard-won will not so easily sway. An always easy receiving would certainly make you (singular) confident but with the storms which God’s fighters experience you (singular) could easily come to harm with your (singular) faith – that is why I have to stimulate it always more and let you (singular) fight for it until nothing can make this faith sway, and then you (singular) will mature for your (singular) mission. Therefore suffer and fight and have faith in me – you (singular) have to know always and permanently how carefully I yet look after the ones who are mine although they also feel my nearness less. I have to keep to myself to be sought and desired because the lethargy of spirit can destroy everything what my love has erected. But fighting keeps awake and alert – and my fighters are to be like this.


Book 10-13 0487

Appearance of the Lord pictorial.

28. June 1938. B.D. NR. 0487.

Excerpt only:

In indescribable light - only visible to a god like being - hides the highest entity and it can only make itself pictorially visible to the children of the earth because an earth being would never be able to bear this fullness of light. That is why the Lord has decided to give his fullness of light a form, which makes it possible for the children of men, when you are kindled in deepest love to him, to see him tangibly before you - but also then just as an appearance of short duration and so shadowy that only a dreamlike memory remains of it. More would be for you, who still dwell on earth, unbearable because it would make you unsuitable for the fulfilling of your earth duties. No human being can, because it is still so far away from a godlike state, bear the direct light of the divinity without being completely ruined.


Book 10-13 0495

Sun worlds. Mountain spewing fire. Eruptions.

5. July 1938. B.D. NR. 0495.

The whole solar system also accords with the great work of creation. If you want to imagine all the sun worlds, then truly the mind would stop for you, because these are dimensions, which exceed man’s thinking ability. Already the earth in its dimensions seems much more extensive to you, than you can absorb intellectually. But the earth is just to be called tiny, if one wanted to measure at it the size of the smallest sun worlds. But in infinite space there are again innumerable such sun worlds, which again differ in their measure, properties and kind from each other, however all serve the same principle in their end purpose – in the constant ascent development of the entities, which, being created out of God, have separated from God and are to find again to God. Every sun body is in infinite extension an equal work of creation as earth. For only few it is comprehensible that one can compare the sun with a mountain spewing fire. This comparison will, however, only then be understandable, when one considers that the creator has also fashioned the interior of the earth of such a mountain deliberately so, that beings without number have it as residence - and that the activity of these beings exists in that respect, to bring about unlimited eruptions, through which again all the properties of the mountain are exposed to constant changes – that again a part of the beings can give up its cover and the way becomes free for it in other regions on and above earth. As a result of this the creator also allows such eruptions with full will, and who loses the earthly life through such processes, his activity on earth was limited and is heading for another development possibility. In exactly the same way also the sun worlds are creations, which the Lord has put into space for the purpose of always new world bodies coming into being. Each one sun is in perpetual activity. Unsuspected powers rage in its interior, which again and again hurl parts out of the interior into space by virtue of its elementary power, which are there again seized by spirit beings and fashioned by them to completely free world bodies active for themselves and provided with everything by creative spirit beings, what is again required for creatures intended to exist on them. But such a world body will always stand in a certain connexion with the sun, out of which it has emerged. Exactly as the throwing out of the mountain spewing fire falls again back on to the surface of the earth by virtue of its earth gravity – so also the body having broken out of the sun will always remain in the area of this sun through the attractive force of this sun – and will also continuously be fed with light and warmth by exactly this sun, without which no world body could exist in space. Only the purpose of each world body will be different, by always also other successes being produced through always other living conditions and so the spirit beings just need such a residence, which must develop further in a certain respect – therefore are send there by the creator of the heaven and of the earth in recognition of what they lack. Space is endless. There are innumerable spirit beings – and so the possibility must again and again be offered to all these, to reach the aim set for them. Therefore do not believe that only that exists in space, what is visible to your eyes. Space is endless – endless is the power of God – and endless his love towards his creatures. For that reason everything is created out of love and the power of God. Amen. B.D. NR. 0495.


Book 10-13 0595

God's word. Spiritual power. Intellect. Inventions.

25. September 1938. B.D. NR. 0595.

Excerpt only:

In this consecrated hour the Lord speaks through his servant John with you and announces things to you, which are withdrawn from general knowledge and which are to contribute to having an informing effect. For there are determined in heaven and on earth such who represent the office of mediator - who receive from God and give - and who again impart these gifts to men. Every tool on earth stands under divine protection, so that the words, given from above, are also received and passed on purely. What is spread on earth in this time as messages always remains an incomprehensibel blessing for men.


Book 10-13 0606

Function of unbound entities. Life awakening activity.

7. October 1938. B.D. NR. 0606.

Life in future will fashion itself so, that you will not lack the will to do, what are instructions of the highest. And so you will certainly completely let your will speak, however in full agreement with the will of God. Therefore no hesitation whatsoever will keep you back from your spiritual activity; also no doubts will worry you, but you will completely subordinate yourself to the will of God and so also find the necessary power for you to all actions. All work will then take place in the way, as it is in the mind of the heavenly father; for that reason just always keep in full trust to all words, which are sent to you, and remain fully assured, that the Lord directs you wisely and does not let you go wrong.

(Remark of the translator: all use of the word "you" in the previous text is in the singular, therefore refers to Bertha Dudde.)

But now begin:

Where in the atmosphere a constant life expresses itself, this life will be continually promoted through powers, which are placed under the will of God. These are mostly unformed – i.e. unbound beings, to which the task falls, to work enlivening. The natural impulse, which the smallest creatures possess, is function of these unbound entities, and consequently also here a spiritual power becomes again evident, which is difficult to make comprehensible to you men. You just know so much, that all creatures carry out bustling activity which always remains the same, but all in different kind. You watch the bustle of the smallest living beings – you must recognize a regularity in their activity allocated to them by the creator and nevertheless cannot explain to yourselves the direct cause for this activity. This is only then comprehensible, when you accept the explanation, that for the awakening of the smallest life spirits the direct influence of the God-spirit is condition - that everything, what lives in this world, is seized by the spirit of God - and the innumerable smallest entities must fulfil their task in the whole creation out of God. And each one of them complies eagerly with this task. The idea "life" always includes a further development - but never a remaining in the same. What lives, must continually change, both in its outer form as also in its spiritual nature. So also the smallest creature must go its development from the moment of the coming into being until the end of life. It goes the way of development stipulated to it, and when it has reached the highest degree in this embodiment, then life as such has ended, and another form waits for the spiritual, already more mature substance, to be again enlivened through it. And innumerable such soul substances unite themselves again to greater living beings, and the atmosphere is always filled with such souls looking forward to embodiment - and therefore also the atmosphere surrounding you men will be in full life, because the life giving power is always in everything, what surrounds you - in the air, in the water, in the rain, in the wind; with every breath you receive this power in you and become bodily fresh and strengthened through it, because it supplies you with those substances, which you need for life. All well-being, that you feel, so you abandon yourselves out of doors to the good effect of such influxes from the outside, is a proof for the life awakening activity of all those entities, which in the bound state drive innumerable living beings to their activity wanted by the creator - but exert unbound favourable influence on all great and small living beings, securing for them the supply of all essential elements, which they need for their existence. Not one such being is without activity; the omnipotence of God drives each one, to carry out the will of God, and it is the constant enlivening of all works of creation. The Lord, who gave life to every being, sees to it incessantly, that it also remains preserved, even so in always other form, and this uninterrupted activity is also at the same time a perpetual ascent - who really recognizes this, will then look at himself in the same mind, and his attention will be directed towards the miracle of life, which reveals itself in every individual. And he will sing honour and praise to his creator, whom he only now recognizes in all greatness.
Amen. B.D. NR. 0606.


Book 10-13 0612

Fight against Christianity. Submitting the question to God himself. Responsibility for the soul.

10. October 1938. B.D. NR. 0612.

The Lord has decided to exercise the greatest possible retribution when his will is no longer acknowledged and his name mocked. Because among mankind every reference with regard to the eternal divinity has come to an end, and just only earthly power reigns, riches and position. One uses violence to the true confessor of his name and believes to be relieved of all justification towards him. Certain circles even try to shake the foundations of Christianity by renouncing the originator of it and call his existence really into question. They have countless followers at present to whom such explanation is agreeable and comfortable and who therefore do not hesitate to adopt this view and to likewise turn down everything which is connected with Jesus Christ as redeemer of mankind. These men show themselves their own great shortcomings; they do not account to themselves for it because their inner voice would already guide them right. For that they let something be taken from them what everyone should first assess himself. Only when man also combines an earnest striving with the will to fathom truth, can he acquire clarity about what is God’s and what is man’s teaching. He who lets this great question sound in the human heart – who earnestly makes an effort to acknowledge divinity, when it proves to the child of earth to be such, he will not be left without an answer for long because the heavenly father quite soon gives help to such seeking souls. He also lets them find the way where they get clarity about such and similar questions. Who earnestly desires to be enlightened about the nature of Christ, he will soon get such a clear and comprehensible picture of the saviour, that his doubts will dwindle and being full of conviction he will devote himself to the teaching of Christ. And so men should only present this question to the heavenly father himself, then they would not get into the danger to completely turn away from the redeemer of mankind. Everything breathes God’s goodness and love – where man asks erringly or ignorantly there he is lovingly guided to the way of truth – but to turn down out of own intellectual wisdom will lead to greater and greater error. But what man believes to recognize as individual remains up to him – but who, full of conviction, wants to also talk fellow man into his own opinion is a great sinner before God and men. His own soul’s fate is unspeakably sad when he is on the wrong way; but having caused the fate of fellow men is irresponsible, and to these God’s judgement will be sent already on earth, so that they recognize that the Lord does not let his name being mocked and does not tolerate that the salvation of the souls of countless fellow men is endangered. Because if you take earthly goods from man it is not right before God – but how do you want to accept the responsibility, you who take the eternal kingdom away from fellow man. Who is weak listens to his fellow men and thoughtlessly accepts but that what brings him the greatest harm to his soul. Therefore watch out to talk your opinion into these spiritually weak people, when you do not want to be punished most severely still in earth life – because the Lord has the power over everything in heaven and on earth. He will also know how to protect his word, and it will not die until all eternity and will testify for Jesus Christ as God’s son and redeemer of mankind. Amen. B.D. NR. 0612.


Book 10-13 0629

Capture of the servants of God. Earthly power.

19. October 1938. B.D. NR. 0629.

And they will be captured who announce my name before the entire world. But those who remain in me also in trouble, those will have a permanent escort in me on this earth. The present attempts to want to completely alienate me from men will be ruined by those, and I want to bless them for it. Who now always hangs on to my name and stands up for it, so many proofs of my favour and love will reach him that his faith will become stronger and stronger and his eagerness greater and greater, and so a complete army of my fighters will take up the struggle with full conviction and with glowing hearts. The world will give its consent to everyone who appears against my teaching, but I give my consent to my fighters, who will certainly be small in its number against the enemies, but enormously strong because equipped with my power. So they will have no need to fear who want to ruin them. I have appointed them; they execute my order; my love and my blessing accompany them; and so victory will also be on their side. Worldly power can certainly oppose my word and inflict violence on my announcer, but it will never be able to prevent that my word finds entrance in the hearts of men, and so it has had an effect long before, and it will spread among men who will soon feel the blessing and the power of my word. And then the time of maturity starts. Everything that is against me will certainly stand as weeds right among the wheat, and the weeds will soon threaten to overgrow the good seed. But when the Lord will hold harvest, then he will certainly know how to differentiate the good fruit from the unsuitable. Because my croppers will be eagerly at work – and where they have diligently laid out good seed there my harvest will also be good. Therefore make use of the time, before even the work of the adversary opposes the work. Let them come and do not be afraid, also when danger approaches you. My eye watches continually over you and lets no harm befall you, and whatever they want to achieve with you, you will be able to prevent yourselves, when you call me in the spirit to your protection. Whoever stands up for me shall be able to use my power timewise and eternally. And when the dangers are certainly to be seen to be awful, but when I will, the rulers will be rid of their power, and you are free. But for the greater honour of my name it will be allowed that those test their power – and set bans and regulations against your work. Then do not let yourselves be frightened, and hold the firmer to my word and spread this – announce to all men the truth, which alone only can lead to eternal life. And do not become fickle – a deep sigh to me in the heart gives you strength that you loudly confess my name – and nothing will be able to happen to you from those, no matter whether they threaten and forbid. Because my power will stop them and open all doors which they have locked - and whilst they believe you to be in secure custody, you will announce my word anew to those who want to hear it and believe in me. And the earthly power will come to a standstill in their effort to oppose me. It will certainly become worse and worse among men, who are children of the world, but those who confess me will join together closer and closer and will really be my confessors in heart, from whom I get pleasure. And they shall enter my kingdom and shall be secure in my love forever. Amen. B.D. NR. 0629.


Book 10-13 0636 Path through life. Changed outer form.

23. October 1938. B.D. NR. 0636.

Life necessity depends on the everlasting balancing measure. All matter is life in itself, only expressing itself differently; that which animates the form must again have the possibility to progress in a different form. The following form must always be able to replace or give to the being in it, what the previous form has denied it. Consequently no outer form will be alike the preceding one in its composition but a noticeable change is always to be found; because only through this is life as such, the spiritual substance, able to continue development. But without the outer form its state is constant, while the being does not come to activity until it is in the form, which has the final purpose in upward development. And this way the everlasting change of the outer form is explainable. Constantly new life has to be generated, so that constantly an always different activity can be assigned to the beings, because a remaining in always the same form would just bring about a development in a certain direction, but not that state of maturity, which would be necessary for the embodiment as man. So in the last analysis all creations in the universe came into being for the final forming of man, so that the most possible opportunity is offered before to the soul living in him, to achieve the maturity for the embodiment as man. When now the soul of man has to go a certain way before, to acquire all abilities for the existence on earth, then follows from this that a creature does not exist on God’s earth arbitrarily, and that even the smallest creatures have done the spiritual composition of man a favour before; from this it follows how important the infinite small living beings are and how the wise providence of God expresses itself in the smallest creature, that it is always only concerned about escorting every spiritual closer to himself. So it takes so to speak all spiritual in its care and forms it so before that it then can go the way on earth independently and self willingly and makes the full turning to the father spirit possible for it, when it is active in divine order through its own will. Man goes first through unbelievable many stop offs, and the divine creation remains likewise enlivened through innumerable beings in each embodiment, and only the permanent change, the constant coming into being and disappearing, living and dying in nature can ensure a permanent upward development, a maturing of the soul, but never a remaining in always the same form. What is therefore offered to your eyes, that always look at as pre-state of the souls, which still must like you embody themselves on earth, and recognize by this how endless long already your way was before you enliven the last and greatest creation of God – man. Consider that you are now to make use of all your will to use the last time of testing on earth, that the development before, the endless long time since the loosening from God, will be completely appreciated and the last aim, the approaching of the heavenly father, achieved. Then all creation wisdom of the father has fulfilled its purpose and led the spirit out of him back to eternal light. Amen. B.D. NR. 0636.


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