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Bertha Dudde Messages

Author: Bertha Dudde 1.4.1891 - 18.9.1965
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Book 5-9

B.D. NR. 182 - B.D. NR. 442
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Book 5-9 0182

Admonition to persevere. Spiritual knowledge.

16. November 1937. B.D. NR. 182.

Look, my child, everything you start has the blessing in it, that your thinking is turned towards the spiritual without interruption, and who strives like this, his acts will be in accordance with the wishes of the highest. If you leave this path, innumerable opportunities get lost for you. Your life goes along, but partly not utilized so as it is now possible for you on this way. And as it is not alone about the salvation of your soul, but about that of many earth children, you must persevere. For unspeakable much you can effect on earth. We have no possibilities at all to impart spiritual knowledge still better to you; we can always only go by the laws, which our Lord and Saviour gave to us, and in this connection with you we exhaust every possibility, which is meant for your promotion. And again it lies in your will to receive more and more – the work on yourself – the deeper and deeper union with God - will enable you to also penetrate deeper and deeper into divine truths – because you give us again the opportunity through this to impart all teaching to you, as the Saviour has instructed us. Amen. B.D. NR. 182.


Book 5-9 0183

Struggles bodily and spiritually. Blindet.

16. November 1937. B.D. NR. 183.

And great and powerful is the Lord who has created you – but small and powerless he who does not want to recognize him. And that is why you can trust in the Lord always that he in his power and magnificence brings help to you, his children, against that what does not come from him, if just a call – a thought pleading for help – gets through to him. For what he has created is to exist according to his will, and what adheres to you as earthly goods, that you must give up, if you chose the kingdom of God. Because only man is valued, not his possession – but where God looks into the hearts, there nothing will remain hidden to his father eyes. And having no will of your own you will follow where the heavenly father leads you – because he shows rightly those who trust him. For that reason praise the Lord, who, in divine love, assigns to everyone the place on earth, which is useful to him for his salvation. Who strives for perfection must serve – and always be prepared to suffer for the Lord. Unspeakably bitter it is for those who want to prepare their lives for themselves, being excluded from his father grace. Those who think not needing the love of God, who believe to completely alone hold themselves and their fate in hands, to them the father will be far so long until also they ask for the love of the father in quiet recognition of the divinity. Only then this will be turned towards them, to then trigger the favour by virtue of which man now succeeds to more and more wrestle himself upwards. Great struggles are still in store for these poor blind, of physical and spiritual kind, for only through it they can be pointed towards their creator – only through it they open eyes and ears to their spiritual friends to finally be directed through these towards the right way. Without suffering certainly hardly anyone comes close to the heavenly father. To you, my child, the favour is granted to know your Saviour near you if you are filled with love towards him. Your heart will cheer to be allowed to remain in constant union with him, but give up everything to him what you love and value – and your life will be richer and richer because the sun of favour will then radiate upon you in eternity. Amen. B.D. NR. 183.


Book 5-9 0184


17. November 1937. B.D. NR. 184.

Look, my child, a deep purpose lies in all your life troubles, and to fulfil it you have to bear everything in patience what the Lord imposes upon you. In you often the desire stirs to be close to your heavenly father as child, and with it also goes to willingly submitting to his orders. God sends these trials over his children to more and more draw them to him, because all these are test stones on the earth way, of which the overcoming can only progress you in your striving. And nothing has been ordered without purpose by the heavenly father in his wisdom, even so you cannot grasp it. And that is why you must submit to his orders in blind faith in God; it will just be for your blessing. And now, my child, hear our teachings: If the Lord sends words of salvation to his and they are not accepted, because they lack understanding – the inner union with their creator – then he lets trials come over them to convince them about his will – for how often does man believe to be able to evade a higher power – before he must himself see that his fate lies in other hands then in his own. And in his love the Lord again and again sends his compassion to the earth children. To fill the short earth time right, i.e. according to God’s meaning, with constant striving for perfection is the highest good what man can call his own, it only lies in his will. And God directs his thoughts again and again to the spiritual field – he is warned so often and referred to eternity – if he is just a bit willing to serve his Lord and creator, he comes on the right way by virtue of the love of all spirit beings, who, for his protection, accompany his course of life. To more devote himself to the inner voice and not to fight against thoughts, which are directed towards the hereafter – towards life after death. Such thoughts will come to everyone – and these thoughts must become dear and familiar to you – instead that they frighten you and you reject them unwillingly. Who in his care for the soul does everything, which helps him to spiritual promotion, does not look forward to the death of life frightened – he only really sees in it the entry into another life, which will fulfil the longing of his heart, to be united with his Lord and Saviour. For that reason do not pay attention to tribulation on earth – it is just a means to steer you upon the right way, which is to guide you to eternal peace. Amen. B.D. NR. 184.


Book 5-9 0185

Old Testament.

17. November 1937. B.D. NR. 185.

Your spiritual good will increase if you willingly put your trust in us and remain united to your saviour in constant love. We have the task to initiate you into the teachings of the Old Testament. God gave, before the saviour became man, his prophets his voice and imparted through them his commandments. It was taught that the Messiahs shall come, from whom all salvation shall happen to mankind. But by no means gave God the Lord the task to them, to inform about the sins of the fathers. As God speaks to his also today, so he informed men always already to walk in faith and in love towards the creator. And still documents came into being through men, which were to testify the will of the Lord. It could be called presumptuous if such writings were not being written with the best intention to serve thereby the Lord and creator of heaven and of earth. And now these teachings guide there that one seeks to deny everything – also the words of the Lord himself, who has given them to men as a blessing through his prophets. Therefore do not turn down what is beyond your judging. Let God rule anew, and accept what he sends to you in clear words, which will be taken to heart by you and which will more penetrate into you than the book of the fathers. But it is also erroneous – what you do not understand that do not judge. Do not reject, because you can also reject much truth with it. The words of God are to me missing in no house, but even so the old book no longer gives you what can be of comfort to you, then still do not reject it – time went by about it and with it also the way men speak. Do not deny God’s word, but urgently ask the father that you read in enlightenment – that you understand right what he has given to you through prophets - and that the teachings of truth may be imparted to you. The love of the divine father will again and again find ways that his teachings find entrance into the hearts of mankind – and to keep you from error he will steer your thoughts, if you just want to understand right and want to receive from the book of books only divine truths and not humanly fathom the weaknesses and mistakes of mankind. Only pure, honest, thinking turned towards God guarantees the truthfulness of the words, which God sends to the earth children in love through his tools. If this thinking mixes with earthly striving – if it is not exclusively turned towards the heavenly father, then every work from the hand of man will come into being no longer purely divine, but humanly erroneously – and so spiritual teachings are to be explained, which to accept so many spiritually striving people resist. But on the other hand also here one thing is valid that science cannot fathom this, what truth is and what wrong teachings – the recognition will only have those who take their refuge towards the heavenly father and ask him for enlightenment. He will not deny to them the favour and lead them on the right way – the way of recognition. Then trustingly devote yourself to our words, and pay attention to everything what God prepares for you (singular) to announce pure truth to you (plural). Amen. B.D. NR. 185.


Book 5-9 0186

Pure truth. Signs. Miracles.

18. November 1937. B.D. NR. 186.

Times will come where it will be revealed to you what the Saviour has intended for you in his love. Then you must be able to believe so deep intimately that no doubts befall your heart any longer. Our striving and our efforts lead there, to send such power to you through announcements that you receive everything as pure truth what is offered to you. Observe that everything what the Lord sends to you revives your spirit – that you could already fetch comfort for yourself from his words in many an hour – that only such was taught to you by the Saviour what is in accordance with your capacity. His work will still be completed with such gifts, which will initiate you into deepest truth and impart a spiritual knowledge to you that you will thereby recognize the greatness of his love and power. Strive after this deep faith, which is the basis for your further work. And now be prepared to receive: Always and for ever God’s teachings exist, and the Lord always finds who serve him and help spreading his teachings among mankind. But not always is the human heart and ear prepared to receive them. What the Lord let already happen of miracles – they only rarely were acknowledged as such. At the times of Christ many miracles occurred – and even then only few turned towards him, because man is hardened through the influence of the evil one and believes him more than his creator. Blessed now whose heart opens for everything what comes from above – who places his work on earth into the service of the Lord in the faith in the Saviour. The Lord will enlighten all these and give the power to them to work according to his will for the salvation of the soul of the children of man. So also you experience a constant progress and fulfil your purpose day after day. The receiving of the word of God guarantees you that the Lord is with you with his favour and blesses you. Receiving everything humbly, willingly and devotedly and observing the commands of the Lord – and your faith will always be more assured, which will lead you up to the height. Amen. B.D. NR. 186.


Book 5-9 0187

Holy halls. Blessing of the work for spirit beings.

18. November 1937. B.D. NR. 187.

So start in God’s name. All are here who your heart seeks. You again have to fight against temptations; that makes your reception more difficult, but just remain united with us in love, then you will also be helped at any time. Try now to follow us: We have prepared carefully what you are to receive, and just need your attention. In holy halls stay all those to whom our words have been brought blessings. The same will fall to your share if you fight for your Saviour because a life in magnificence is prepared for his fighters. Bathed in the love of the Saviour they only desire to see the eternal light - the Lord and creator of heaven and of earth face to face. Innumerable souls implore you to help them out of their misery, out of the power of the evil forces. For all of these the way is still so far until they reach the state where eternal happiness is allotted to them. To you the possibility is offered to also redeem a great number of these poor through restless work on earth, as you can show to many, many men to also work in love for so many spirit beings. Through prayer and devout walk on earth the strength of all beings becomes greater and greater – no-one of you can estimate how beneficent a walk of life in spiritual striving has an effect upon the spirit beings surrounding him – how so many who are united – how so many, which are united through God’s wisdom with the beings still staying on earth, take part in the earth life of them and in hope and being afraid desire greatly that all would turn towards the divine father. Their work in the hereafter is indeed uninterrupted care for these earth children – and their spiritual striving in the hereafter is indeed also just meant for the salvation of the soul of the earth children entrusted to them. It is often a hard fight about such souls, and if you can intervene helpingly – where you can impart our teachings to your brothers and sisters on earth, numerous beings will thank you for it, and for this reason they follow your effort with constant care and hope. O could you men only approximately weigh how much blessing you can give with your work – you would from this time only serve the Saviour and be absorbed in love for your fellowmen – and at any time you would only strive towards the aim to create for yourselves the eternal magnificence. Amen. B.D. NR. 187.


Book 5-9 0188


19. November 1937. B.D. NR. 188.

We promote you as far as we can, and therefore all your fear and worry is unnecessary, it is only up to your prayer – if you always take refuge in it, you can be without worry, because he will always be heard who asks there for enlightenment out of deepest heart. Dear child, spiritual powers want to lay claim to you temporarily, who want to give to you noble teachings of God’s wisdom. Notice how these will be assigned to you. In all troubles the father has given to his children one thing – prayer. What is the allowing of pleading towards him a proof of favours of his divine love! – He gives to all the possibility, to find help only through the giving of intimate thoughts towards him at any time. The father approaches everyone compassionately who calls upon him in his trouble. Who among you will reject this favour, to him every possibility is closed that divine helping workers ease his work on earth for him. Being dependent upon himself he will lack the right knowledge – he will walk his course of life in error and darkness of spirit. What God gave you through the blessings of prayer is of such inestimable value for you, because it indeed establishes the connection between the heavenly father and his earth children. Only a blind person rejects such means of favour. But every child of God will thank the father for this great proof of favour of his love and will make it his business to accept in gratitude what is offered to him. In prayer the Lord wants to examine you, because what you apply as form of a prayer is not enough – it does not get through to the father as long as your heart does not speak. It is only then of value and effect if you put your whole childlike pleading into the prayer, may it be in words or in thoughts. You must always speak from the heart to God, then he will give a favourable hearing and give to you what is in the spirit of divine wisdom. Therefore hand over all your worries trustingly to your father, who will give a favourable hearing to your prayer as it is of use for you for eternity. And always subjugate yourselves to his will. For he alone knows what is of use for you, and will give you that it brings blessings to you. So always see in prayer a gift – the bridge on which the Lord allows you to come to him – and use this opportunity as often as you can – in the end of your days you will recognize how beneficent your walk on earth was by this means. Amen. B.D. NR. 188.


Book 5-9 0189

Protection from error. Admonition to prayer.

19. November 1937. B.D. NR. 189.

Constantly you are to hear our teachings. See, God gives according to his will so as it is beneficial for you. You can hear his word continually – his loving instructions are offered to you as long as your will is good and you are prepared to serve the Lord, but always be careful that you fight for your faith also for the future, because you will receive easier all the time the firmer you are in faith. Move everything that is given to you in your heart, and you will see that much power flows towards you by it, if you first let the teachings have a right effect on you. It certainly may sometimes seem to you as if you bring your own thoughts into the writing, but always reject such – the protection around you does not allow that you make a mistake in your writing. These are to be teachings prepared for many, and only pure truth is to come into being through you – therefore be yourself on your guard against such thoughts, which just disturb your peace and also have a hindering effect upon our transmissions. Only one thing is necessary that you receive everything in deep faith – that you completely trust your Saviour who does not want you to walk in error, and that you gratefully receive out of his hand whatever is given to you. Now be prepared and listen: Again a worker of the Lord has come into being, upon whom we all put great hope. Once your heart has just taken part in this great work of favour of the heavenly father, then it will never leave it. The pleasures of the world can no longer delude such a child, because to live in the favour of God, to walk in his love daily on earth is incomparably more valuable. The desire soon appears to more and more penetrate into the spiritual world and the earthly world with its temptations no longer gives anything to the child of God what is equivalent to these blessings. And still the father again and again admonishes not to abate in prayer, because only through permanent prayer the favour and the power is acquired again and again, and only through it man can carry out and reach the aim. Be awake and pray! So that you do not succumb to the tempter who uninterruptedly seeks to alienate man from divine striving. And through prayer you will always ward off all evil around you and only participate in the favour of the Lord. Therefore remain in prayer, and call the father for help with every thought that he may bless your striving and give you power to believe. Amen. B.D. NR. 189.


Book 5-9 0190

Effect upon ignorant spirit beings.

20. November 1937. B.D. NR. 190.

In the change of times the Lord permits us to communicate to you what is to bring you joy. Many go along in the country of the eternal to whom you have taught completely different thinking through your striving. Noiselessly and carefully they appear near you and notice everything what you do and think. And also in them a slow recognition of their situation and their purpose begins. Their thinking and striving is now directed thereon to adapt themselves and to come into connection with good spirit beings. For all these your work on earth has already become a blessing – again and again they return to you and being astonished they look at the possibility of the connection from you to the hereafter. Many would like to explain to you how your praying and your striving had an effect upon him. The light ray which starts from you as soon as our connection is established attracts many poor souls – they are still linked with earth, and where such a ray shines for them, there they come together. A loving thought, which you turn to all these, gives them again and again hope and power, to start the work on themselves and to turn towards the divinity in starting recognition. What you alone already give to these is infinitely valuable and brings blessings. Many a one would like to press forward and entrust to you his worries and requests, but the time has not yet come – not for them, and also for you we do not want to disturb the peace. We now act in accordance with the wishes of the Lord that we just want to give to you what is healthy for you and the peace of your soul. But if you could see the crowd of those which follow your effort with hope and anxiousness, that alone would already drive you to utilize the opportunity of the connection with us as often as you can. If only we could have such a direct effect quite often with the earth children – how much blessing would that effect! Believing and full of trust you are allowed to always turn to us – innumerable souls are anxious like us that you could leave this way, and as far as the power of all of us is able to, we all stand helpingly by your side; for that reason you can continue your work with great confidence and do not need to be anxious that our help could ever be withdrawn from you. The love of our Lord and Saviour is so immense, and he is always concerned about to give to those who are his refreshment and power on their pilgrim way to the true home. Amen. B.D. NR. 190.


Book 5-9 0191

Scientists. Poor and Rich. Pound.

20. November 1937. B.D. NR. 191.

In agreement with our Lord and Saviour we give you today an announcement, which is to enable you to also support with regard to scientists that your striving is wanted by God and is in his pleasure. Hard and difficult is for many men the wrestling about their existence, and again to others luck falls into their lap, and they have little understanding for the trouble and suffering of others. If you now think that the Lord has left these, then have a closer look and notice that there, where man must fight for his daily life, his commands are fulfilled much more likely than there where an easy lot is granted to men. And therefore notice that man in worries much more likely gives the thoughts that direction, which leads to his salvation – but that for that man, who goes through life carefree, every thought of a justification before the heavenly father is uncomfortable and he quickly rejects such once it fills out his inside. If you now compare how Christ also willingly took upon himself his suffering, out of love towards mankind, because he wanted to make the course of life easier for the earth children, then it follows from this how little suffering the Lord wanted to impose on you and how he made an effort to decrease this load by him taking patiently upon himself the suffering of mankind. The greatness of his love has been capable to bear the suffering of other beings, and to sacrifice himself for others the Lord let himself being nailed to the cross. Consequently all those who bear their suffering on earth – devout and patient - take part in the work of redemption of Christ, because only through suffering man reaches perfection – through suffering thousands and thousands of souls are rescued for the eternal kingdom. To the other however, whom nothing burdens, will little blessing accrue out of his walk on earth, because he closes himself to all admonitions, which are sent to his heart, and remains far behind those. If you now ask why the Lord takes care of his so differently, why he leaves the one mature in trouble and affliction, but guards the other against grief and worries, then the Lord will answer you himself: "I have given to each the pound that he utilize it." So as man adapts himself to God, so will be given to him. "And is perhaps one among you I had not knocked at his heart? – Is perhaps one among you whom I have not approached to be received by him." The poor gives from the little that he has – but who come to the rich ask in vain. And so the Lord is also received by the poor, but rejected by the rich, as often as he desires admission with him. And now the Lord elects who has served him loyally, and is far from those who in stubbornness did not want to hear his call. But shortly you will experience how the father protects those who are his and informs them about his love. Then also you awake, you who have hesitated long to receive the Lord into your heart. For short is the time, which is given to you on earth. (Interruption) B.D. NR. 191.


Book 5-9 0192

(Continuation to No. 191) Advice.

21. November 1937. B.D. NR. 192.

But now different powers have an effect in the human heart; good struggles against evil, and quite very often evil has great power over man. Man accepts much easier what removes him from the Lord if the outer life circumstances do not cause him to request help from the Lord through intimate prayer. Consequently that power, by means of which man could resist the temptations of the evil one, becomes smaller and smaller and the power of the tempter, his influence upon the soul of man greater and greater. Prayer very often is forgotten by him whose life is not much struggle for his existence. These poor people harden with time their heart completely against the good influences of the spirit beings, which are assigned to them for their protection. That is why our most urgent piece of advice is to renounce the world and its pleasures, because only than the power increases to have an effect upon the salvation of the soul. All who are blessed with earthly goods have the urge of wanting to consume, and there lies the great danger, because the more they devote their thinking and striving towards the world the more they remove themselves from the spiritual world – and once their attention is drawn to it that the actual purpose of life is indeed another then they just try double to deafen such thoughts, which point them to the right way, through earthly pleasures. They live along as if an end of their days would never come. And still to everyone enough instructions are given and they see, by the fate - by the sudden demise of many of their fellowmen, how necessary it would be to make themselves familiar with thoughts towards the hereafter. To everyone the hour comes, whether early or late; and having lived a long life, without having grasped the meaning, is unspeakably painful. And that is why the effort for these souls is double difficult, but also deserving. To snatch such a soul away from the power of the adversary requires much love and patience and loyal perseverance. To whom the possibility is offered to have an effect upon such hearts, he is not to miss it – they certainly need infinite much help on earth, because the thinking of these poor people turns away from the spiritual always more blinded. The receiving raises difficulties for you; we want to give more to you at the right time. Amen. B.D. NR. 192.


Book 5-9 0193

Enemies of mankind. Struggle. The victory is yours.

21. November 1937. B.D. NR. 193.

Bring sacrifices to the Lord, and he will repay you thousand times. Countless enemies of spiritual teachings hide among men. Nothing is holy for them what lies outside of human knowledge and ability, and they would like to destroy all striving for spiritual goods among men. And wherever it is possible for them they teach that all life, all existence for man is ceased with his bodily death. And as a result they rob him of all faith – they prevent all spiritual attitude towards a higher being – destroy faith in a hereafter, in a justification – in general all that what is the actual meaning and purpose of the short time, in which man has the favour to be embodied on earth. But with such attitudes, which reject everything divine, man achieves still less in life than nothing – because not only that his life time is passed by for him completely useless – he has as a result fallen into the power of darkness still at the same time, which draws him more and more down into ruin. War must be declared on these enemies of mankind with all will and with all means now and at all times. Consider really how these hold the well-being and sorrow of the human soul in the hands. Where there is no own drive to escape from this power, it is in a bad way for mankind. Because it will never be able to keep good and evil apart; without judging it will acknowledge and approve of everything what these representatives of the adversary want to make palatable to men in nice speeches – and nothing will remain of all this than a people, which walks in error and rejects God and his teachings. And this will on the other hand also still divide itself in many parties, and on all sides there will be a groping and wandering about in darkness. What God has taught and what Christ has given to man on earth, they seek to destroy and portrays it untrue and distorted – but you, his loyal ones – are not allowed to have these highest goods lost; you must work in love and harmony – that closeness with God may remain preserved for men and through it and prayer also the guarantee that the Lord and Saviour will help at the right time everyone who clings to him. Many of the souls remain behind, which acknowledge God as their Lord and creator, and it is your work to strengthen the faith of these souls and to give them divine favour. But hard struggles will still precede your work because where the teaching of Christ is treated with hostility, there also those will be faced with measures who profess this teaching and fight for Jesus Christ – and in order to be prepared for these fights you will still have to request much favour and power from the heavenly father – but the Saviour himself helps you, and "victory is yours - ", says the Lord – because he blesses all who announce his word, and leads them to victory. Amen. B.D. NR. 193.


Book 5-9 0194

Teaching under compulsion.

22. November 1937. B.D. NR. 194.

Keep yourself a believing heart, then God will be close to you all the time. And if the Lord also imposes upon you what appears unbearable to you, with his help and favour you can overcome everything. And now listen: We all close a circle around you and start our work, because the Lord has decided to initiate you into the dangers of Christianity, as it is taught today on earth. When at all times his word was so received that it is meant to impose compulsion upon the neighbour, then that was a great error and mistake of the teachers. Because through compulsion the Lord wants to draw no children to himself, but completely out of free will the children are to decide whether they want to choose or reject the father. We therefore consider all pressure, which the church or the servants of God want to exert upon mankind as not wanted by God and not ordered by him in his teachings. Therefore such a church falls to the ground, because the fundamental condition is indeed missing – full freedom of the will. Where regulations are made to observe one and another thing with the thread of punishments, there no spiritual freedom can exist, and there the purpose also would not be fulfilled, even so the earth children comply with these compulsory regulations. And in this the explanation lies again for the breakdown of such churches, although their intension is also to guide men to God. In the recognition of these most holy fundamental conditions, to shape the entire walk of man towards God on free will, so many other regulations fall into the kingdom of the misled. All compulsion is not wanted by God and is therefore only an obstacle to man on the way to eternity. You are certainly allowed to teach his words, but not linked to conditions, which put the human being in a kind of predicament and are able to give him a different picture of God’s goodness and love. Everywhere pay attention so that you, who are servants of God, are to raise your little sheep in love towards the father, and teach them that they may wrestle and ask for God’s favour, then the way to the father will become easier for them, and nothing will frighten them – while your teachings put them into a state of dependence – into a state where they in the best case certainly make an effort to fulfil their duties, but the inner spiritual devotion towards the heart of the father is missing. Love and desire for the father is to come out of the heart, but not to be forced under pressure. The human soul then climbs a much higher level and advances much quicker under the favour of God, which it begs out of its own drive. Therefore seek, where you can, to make men understand that they are not to cling to a teaching, but are to hear the teaching of God in their most inner heart, which refers them to their adoption of God; and to fan the flames of the desire as children of God to reach the father, is, what is to be the basis of genuine Christianity – and then the way will be shown to you by the father in love and divine compassion. Amen. B.D. NR. 194.


Book 5-9 0195

Love of the Saviour. Seeing with spiritual eyes.

22. November 1937. B.D. NR. 195.

Your striving is blessed by the Lord, and you are to hear his word. In few hours already can be taken that from you what is most loved by you on earth – but the Saviour’s love remains for you in eternity, and to strive for it is worth many sacrifices, my child. To refresh yourself at this eternal spring is granted to you day after day; just turn all your thoughts to him alone, then you will also lead a life on earth as it is well pleasing to him. All the days of your life are to be only one prayer about the love of the heavenly father; then walking on earth will become easy for you and, a part of God himself, you return back to him when your time has come. Speaks the Lord with you, then it happens out of extremely great love, and what he gives to you in this love, that again leads you to God if you receive it with the heart. Many threads sort themselves out, and soon the Lord gives you a clear picture of the creation and work in the spiritual world. You are informed to learn to see with spiritual eyes into the kingdom of eternity. To be able to work there you must have reached a high spiritual level on earth to be able to fit into the crowd of the busy working spirit beings at your entrance in the hereafter. All of them rule according to God’s wise ways, and their love work at less perfect spirit beings already causes for them a state of indescribable happiness. With it comes that they themselves are able to see and feel as light beings – what is now still not comprehensible to you – that they in union with the Saviour are able to stay in this light fullness, and it causes them the feeling of happiness without measure. Only the love of the Lord Jesus is able to lead you there, and through love towards him you will become his in eternity. Amen. B.D. NR. 195.


Book 5-9 0196

With the measure you use, it will be measured to you.

23. November 1937. B.D. NR. 196.

So start my child: To remain aware in all your life situations that you can achieve nothing without the Father’s help, will always let you act right and your sight turn towards the Father. With the measure you use, it will be measured to you. The Lord has given this word and with it the command of neighbourly love towards the earth children. We all know how difficult it is to fulfil this on earth, because love is still so foreign to men in earth life – everyone does not regard the neighbour as his brother, but always senses more an opponent in him, and exactly for that reason a great effort of will is required to show love towards these fellowmen, which the Lord demands of you. It is certainly a blessed effort when you once realize that you all are really children of God and only love for one another should live in you, by virtue of which you should always do only loving things to each other instead of being hostile towards one another or going along next to each other in indifference. It is the law of the father that it is to be measured to you in the same measure as you measure to your fellowmen. Everything what the father gives to you, you are to also send to your neighbour in the same way, but always in the awareness that you are children among each other and the father’s love seeks to unite you all. For that reason let never ask in vain and give there, where just the quietest request reaches your ear. In earth life the father wants to give you the opportunity practising neighbourly love, because in the hereafter love is the noblest command – there only one works for another. And what you have neglected in earth life in giving of love that will severely harass you there; many a one will long for the effect of love, which is to bring him redemption out of darkness – all good deeds on earth God has blessed; they bring manifold fruit in the hereafter, because everyone will reap what he has sown, and will receive the award of his love on earth again in love from our Lord and Saviour. Because God is love, and to be allowed to live in his love is eternal happiness. Amen. B.D. NR. 196.


Book 5-9 0197

Globe. Thundering voice.

23. November 1937. B.D. NR. 197.

So it is in the will of the Saviour that your knowledge increases ever more. You have little to fear in these days and can devote yourself unconcerned to spiritual striving; it will give you much power and also joy to receive the words of the Lord. All instructions only have the one purpose that you remain in connection with the heavenly father. That is why we spur you on more and more to loyally persevere and not to slacken, as it earns you spiritual goods, which are to be of use to you for eternity. Look, my child, we all are happy about your eagerness and full of joy bring the gifts to you, which the Savour has prepared for you. You will certainly still have to fight before you have completely penetrated into God’s wisdom – but the more intimately you will join the Saviour, because his love does not leave from him who are loyal to him. Has God given you so much favour in full trust to let his teachings being imparted to you, then you must also justify this trust by you fulfilling his will and serving him always. In a short time it starts already to dawn on the globe – the Lord will move along through all lands and will be comfort and hope to his, and mankind will hear his thundering voice when he will call forth all unbelievers and spiritual sleeping. But all of you, you who seek comfort in the Lord, will be well hidden in his love. He will protect his children from discomfort, and they will feel the nearness of their Lord and Saviour and believingly entrust themselves to him that he rescues them from all danger. For that reason all of you approach your father in heaven in childlike trust so that he protects you now and always. Amen. B.D. NR. 197.


Book 5-9 0198

Fight of light with darkness.

24. November 1937. B.D. NR. 198.

Listen, my child, it lies with God’s will to instruct you in teachings, which are in accordance with your thinking, and for that reason I want to tell you today how much our Lord Jesus is fond of you and is glad about your devotion. Do you ever notice a feeling around you of being deserted, then this is never ever to frighten you – because one is always near to you, your saviour, who helps you bear all your worries. And in this recognition confidently go your course of life to the end and do not be afraid! Not to everyone a same lot is granted to be allowed to work so physically and spiritually as the Lord and Saviour has intended for you – but if your looks always turn up then you will be able to comply with both and always feel the caring father hand. Listen to us, who we stay near you, and try to follow: - In the earliest beginning of the world all spirit was united – it was an entity bathed in light of the eternal sun. Elements roamed the universe, which shunned the light and tried to destroy the divine light. In the fight of darkness with light innumerable atoms lost the connection with the light, and the elements of darkness declared war against the little light bodies gone astray in the universe to extinguish their fullness of light, which each of these small and smallest entities held, and to then draw these entities into the sphere of influence of darkness – so the fight between good and evil began; it lasts until unfathomable time. And God gave freedom to each of the light beings to turn according to its own will. But the most original membership of these entities to the divine light remains in existence, and no matter if the fight lasts millennia – each one of the smallest little component of the eternal light will again flow back to the initial place of its purpose. That is the circuit according to divine will that each being turns to the divine father in free will, under the use of its whole power, supported by the love of the divine father, who produces all light, and so again finds back the way to perfection and is allowed to stay again near the heavenly father – the eternal light. Amen. B.D. NR. 198.


Book 5-9 0199

(Continuation to No. 198) Fight of light with darkness.

24. November 1937. B.D. NR. 199.

Where your will turns towards the spiritual, the power will also be given to you to pursue your aim. In your heart lies the guarantee for your striving – in the heart you will feel it that the connection with the Saviour lets divine favour flow towards you, and you will be able to look forward to the future in happiness and inner peace. Where the Saviour seeks to help his, every day brings blessings for you – but also thank the Lord for every day which teaches you his word. And now start: Where the beings of life struggle with darkness, no little seed will get lost – everything arises anew, always with the striving towards the light. The smallest entities remain in existence in the universe and again and again transform themselves according to the duration of their life – finally they reach a state where they can decide what to do with themselves according to their own discretion, but always subjugated to the will of the creator. Where then their own freedom of will starts, they are now also responsible for the further career and course of development – for the maturity of their soul. Their purpose is to come back to eternal light from which they started, but in which time they reach this purpose has been left to them – that is why the wrestling of these light beings exists without interruption against the power of darkness. Who emerges victoriously out of this fight now contributes for his part to help the weak, and the sharpest weapon in the fight against the adversary is love. Amen. B.D. NR. 199.


Book 5-9 0200

(Continuation to No. 198 and 199) Fight of light with darkness.

25. November 1937. B.D. NR. 200.

O how good it does do to us when we follow your striving! – In the night cannot go down he who so strives towards the light; therefore receive our teachings further so devotedly, as you promote with it the salvation of your soul and that of many others. And so we want to give you today what your yesterday’s work is to complete: In small intervals of time and space uncountable light beings move, which in embodied state undergo their time of development in animal and plant life, and again and again they also there strive unconsciously towards the light. After a long time, during which they develop higher and higher in different stages, occurs then the last stage of their spiritual rebirth – the embodiment as man. In it then starts the fight with darkness, which would like to snatch this earth being from its purpose and draw the soul completely down into darkness. And since man has free will in this stage to decide for good or evil according to his own choice – for light or darkness, therefore this fight is such an enormous responsible one, because his defection from the heavenly father, the eternal light, would mean for him again a millennia lasting wrestling, until also this soul is finally redeemed through the again and again trying love of the spirit beings standing in the light. Being aware of this responsibility would let uncountable beings strive more persistently – but man is to find the way to God out of most inner drive; only then he can again become a part of that, what he was in the earliest beginning of the world. Where the omnipotence and the love of God works, none of these tiny light beings gets lost, that is why again and again it is also pointed out that in infinity each being walks its way in the care of the father, which is stipulated for him and which serves his development. This is a law which does not seem to be comprehensible to you in its profoundness, but you all will also not be able to grasp the infinite greatness of your father in heaven, before you will not be what your purpose is – one with the divine father. Amen. B.D. NR. 200.


Book 5-9 0205


28. November 1937. B.D. NR. 205.

O my child, look at the firmament - when it shines in the splendour of its stars - not one of them is independent of the will of the creator, not one of them can go the way differently than the Lord has determined. All believers hear the call of God; again and again they look at these miracles in the universe. When now the Lord houses beings in great numbers on each of these stars then you will get an idea of the infinity of the universe - of the countless spiritual beings subordinate to his will - and of his permanent rule and work about all the beings, which are all a part of the eternal light. O you do not believe how incomprehensible it is for you children of men; not nearly you can have an idea otherwise the enormousness, the extent of the regions on the other side would overwhelm you. But every smallest event is guided by the Father himself; every smallest being is looked after according to his will; and countless highly developed spirit beings stand by his side to carry out everything what lies in the plan of divine order. Words are not able to explain this to you, only to humbly submit before the greatness and the omnipotence of the Lord - nothing else you are able of doing now in the state on earth in the face of this powerful recognition. When the Lord has given you the favour to only take the smallest insight into his rule, into his kingdom and his work, then already through this an immense blessing has become yours, because for a child, which is far from such spiritual experience, it is much more difficult to acknowledge a visible work of God as long as it is not able to recognize in every smallest event only the will of the Lord. Amen. B.D. NR. 205.


Book 5-9 0208

Awakening out of night. Example. Reference to activity.

29. November 1937. B.D. NR. 208.

Excerpt only.

Praised be the name of the Lord always and in eternity. Awaken out of sleep all of you, who are still in dark night. Already the first signs of the breaking day report, and the voice of the father sounds - and where one can hear it there a quiet fear will fall on the hearts, and beyond saving will be who does not follow this voice. When the first rays of the morning sun break through the dark then it is time that everyone turns to the light - for he will shake who would deny His power; he will tremble who believes to be powerful - for no-one will be able to say of himself: The Lord gives his favour to the humble. Because of all those who deny Him today no-one knows humility. The will to rule is over-strong, and to subordinate oneself in this awareness that it is against which they inwardly fight as long as the higher power will really make an end to their goings-on. The Lord in his greatness and goodness so often gives proofs of his power and his work but men are like blinded - they pay no attention to the signs, which the Lord sends to warn them - everything becomes ordinary to them; they keep eyes and ears closed and like the blind they carry on groping in the dark until the Lord will report himself. Then it will be terrible.


Book 5-9 0214

Subordinate to the will of the Highest.

4. December 1937. B.D. NR. 214.

My dear child - holy is the will of the Lord, great and powerful - and everyone is to submit to Him. Conscious of His power man hides his face before the creator of heaven and earth - and only immaturity of the soul, blindness and arrogance lets man become haughty. Take care of your spirit that you recognize how tiny you are with regard to the Lord - do not give rise to thoughts which separate you from the father, but make an effort to reach him. And for this you need prayer. Difficult days follow for him whose spirit is not able to subordinate to divinity. When all references are not enough in human existence to convince men of a leading fatherly hand, then the father's strictness has to intervene so that not one of his children gets lost in blinded thinking. For all of you it is of use when you accept the teachings of your father because there is not one among you who could enter into eternal peace without recognition - and in order to recognize I always sent to you new references to divine work. And that the father's love takes permanently care of you, that your soul is unceasingly struggled for, that you must recognize if only you have eyes and ears open for everything what happens around you. For what do you think was all life around and in you when it would not correspond to a divine purpose - is there something in your existence which does not give evidence of His will? And even if the thought arrives in you that God's creation is a work that follows a set pattern of work which nature carries out - then you just put another expression into the same. Everything which came into being, everything what happened, a power created, which rules over heaven and earth - and all of you are subject to this power, and no matter how strong a human will, it will not be able to cut itself off, also who is subordinated to the one will - the will of the Highest. Try to make it clear to yourselves that you just belong to God - that you are a small particle of this divinity, insofar as your striving starts and you profess God - then no-one of you will fight against it, then all of you also want to be one with your heavenly father, and all of you want to receive his favour and longingly you will turn to him who has created and determined you to once bear the crown of life. Amen. B.D. NR. 214.


Book 5-9 0254

Celestial bodies. Laws of nature. Research in vain.

10. January 1938. B.D. NR. 254.

Dear child – it is an original wise law that the celestial bodies go their course in the universe without interruption, according to the will of the Lord, always with the same distance to the sun and within eternally repeated regularity. Everything created in the universe depends on the solar system. No single star can exist without the illuminating power of the sun because each celestial body has its purpose that again innumerable living things have it as place of residence – and still the composition of each is of a different nature. Would you like to fathom this you would have to reckon with laws which are until now completely unknown to you. The earth is a star, which is completely isolated from the other world bodies or the other celestial bodies, with laws of nature especially determined for earth, and so you can explain yourselves the celestial bodies, which you see in the firmament, according to these laws of nature – but with this you do not come close to truth – for all inhabitants of earth the laws of earth are valid – which however deviate from the laws of the other celestial bodies – therefore it will never be possible for you to put forward teachings and rules for these because you do not master the laws of the universe. It is more or less the same as if you want to make the beings in the animal kingdom understand that the thinking of each man is different – so like everyone’s spirit forms its life and these lives can be so totally different – and the animal would not be able to understand the spiritual atmosphere in which man is, although he is like the animal being also on earth - so also every celestial body is totally different from each other, despite all of them moving in the same universe and under one will. Consequently the last answers remain untapped for you men; therefore it is completely futile to make scientific researches about areas and questions, which man can never solve, because even if you have found an answer – who will prove that the answer is correct? You will always only reckon and pass your judgement according to the laws which are in force for earth but the universe holds such great secrets, and in existence on earth you will waste your time researching them. Who guarantees you that the Lord’s creation has been carried out the same way on all celestial bodies – who wants to claim things on earth which to fathom prove do not lie in his power? As world-far one celestial body is apart from the other, as different is also the purpose of each celestial body for the beings allocated to it, and the laws, to which these celestial bodies are subject, have been given by the creator of the universe according to his wise judgement, but completely incomprehensible to the inhabitants of earth and not to be grasped by human intellect. By his works of creation all beings are to recognize the greatness of the Lord, and only when man once devotes himself to such contemplation, that he has only approximate knowledge of a very tiny part of creation and even this part – earth – he is not capable of thoroughly researching it in its complete composition – then a quiet foreseeing must arise in him of the infinity of the universe – of the incomprehensible greatness of the creator - and it must become clear to him, that everything is created according to a wise divine plan and man has been put into it as a part of this work of creation, likewise with an assignment, which to carry out must be the purpose of his life on earth. And wanting to serve the Lord of the world must be the result of the thinking of him who seeks to research earth and its surrounding celestial bodies. Because immensely great is the universe and tiny small man. Amen. B.D. NR. 254.


Book 5-9 0258

Stars. Place of residence of souls. Sun light.

14. January 1938. B.D. NR. 258.

See, we announce to you today in the Saviour's name, what is to introduce you to infinity. Sometimes it attracts you to look at the splendour of the stars, and don't you think then about what glories can hide behind this? And no matter how many millions of stars you see on the firmament, it is still just a part of infinity - it is only a part of creation and gives you approximately an idea how many such celestial bodies the universe still holds for you invisibly. In this host of celestial bodies only one spirit rules - a light - and a divinity. Through millennia it is the creator's will, to offer completely free beings a possibility on these celestial bodies for further development - and to so prepare them slowly for the state in eternity where a fullness of light is to illuminate them, which by far exceeds all the light on the celestial bodies in the universe. But also the fullness of light on each of these stars is of different strength - the sons, which emit their light and warmth to these celestial bodies, are again of such different extent, that no man on earth could have an idea about this, because these are areas, which are inaccessible to human research and would just produce wrong conclusions. But in outer space everything is so well ordered that nothing can upset this wise world order from eternity to eternity - and a star could never step out of his stipulated course and take other courses.
And so now hear: The Lord has created for all his beings the space for perfection, and for the career on earth for example there are a number of years available for man in which he can acquire a degree of perfection which transfers him to light surroundings. And the soul is to develop higher and higher, and more and more opportunity is to be offered it. And that is the purpose of each star - to offer innumerable beings a space, which is appropriate to their spiritual state, where the work of the spirit beings is to take its progress. To explain this to man is infinitely difficult because he only grasps with human intellect and is not capable to get an idea of the countless number of the celestial bodies being under divine will, which again give countless beings the opportunity to mature. Amen. B.D. NR. 258.


Book 5-9 0332

God's blessings - earthly and spiritually.

15. March 1938. B.D. NR. 332.

There is no blessing from God for this world when man does not turn to the heavenly father for this. Because every activity for earthly life has already its blessing in itself by the realization of bodily necessities, and no further blessing he has to expect for eternity, because every act on earth is worth by itself. Only when man is able to separate earthly activity from the spiritual, will he know to value the difference, which lies in the blessing from the heavenly father. No matter how small the event is on which the blessing from above is pleaded and which is started with it, it brings its fruit both on earth as well as also in eternity. For there is a considerable difference between blessed and unblessed activity. A thought, sent to God, causes that the spiritual beings, which are assigned to man for protection, to immediately look after the human being and direct him well and know how to advise him. And so a start, on which God's blessing rests, does not go wrong easily, and also his spiritual activity will be accompanied by success, as it is the most important duty of the earthly being. That is why you are to always turn to the heavenly father, and start nothing without having commended yourselves for his favour. And you will gain invaluable treasures - your earthly activity will be secure, and the Lord will also look after your spirit and bless it as well, so that it is promoted for eternity. In his name you will succeed in every work, and you can go through life carefree because the blessing of God keeps you away from bodily worries, and all the time you will grow stronger and stronger in the spirit. Amen. B.D. NR. 332.


Book 5-9 0356

Exhortation to Work. Will of God. 7 Years Suffering. Father Words.

31. March 1938. B.D. NR. 356.

Excerpt only.

The seven years full of suffering you will well have to experience but they will pass you like silhouettes, attacking and dispatching many that remained strangers to me that walked apart their ways and that did not want to project themselves into their true destiny. The Lord in his strength will then be revealed to these - but then such bitter suffering will darken their days that they will listen to reason at the last hour. Declare now in my name my word to these and you will lighten their long ordeal for them. The hard time will make them compliant and many will then still accept the teaching of Christ - and will be blessed.


Book 5-9 0360

Organized care. Lack of neighbourly love.

2. April 1938. B.D. NR. 360.

Try to follow our explanations, with which we want to increase your knowledge on behalf of the Lord. Instead of commandments appointed by God, now also commandments are given to men, with which one tries to ennoble the people (Volk), but through wrong application of these commandments one does not bring about an unbroken improvement of mankind, but just forced measures, which in the best case can be an organized care, but does not change into an active neighbourly love, which however would always be more beneficent for the people (Volk), when it would cultivate this more. For years a fight had to precede, to then manage such an organizing in the end, and material interests have always been the decisive factor with every measure coming into being in such a way, which certainly is supposed to be an apparent work of neighbourly love, which however deviates very far from that love, which Jesus preached on earth. Men are to help each other – they are to soothe suffering and misery for each other – they are to give to the poor, to keep or rescue them spiritually and bodily from need and oppression. But are such introduced measures perhaps based on such or a similar driving force, which has come into being out of love towards God and towards the neighbour? Is not rather everything geared to set up wonderful manipulations, which rather have the purpose to be obviously and generally admired and acknowledged, and which combine with the apparent main purpose far more other interests, but which are supposed to remain hidden to the public world. A kingdom (Reich), which turns to such means in its building up, will hardly be able to exist for a long time, because it wants to dismiss the commandments of God as odd and in their place put commandments passed by men, to just exploit the power, which one has acquired; and in order to let something completely new arise, one rejects all the old and above all wants to overturn the teaching of Christ and denounce it as human work among men, to dissolve this teaching and let something else arise for it. The Lord will crush these efforts – he will not allow that his word is supposed to be thought little of and to be taken from mankind – he will rather announce it to the people (Volk) much more insistently where one just wants to hear it, and what men create in arrogance and with which they just want to deceive and blind fellow men, will less and less be able to assert itself. All spirit comes from God, which is good – but the work of Satan also seeks in false cover to find entrance with men. It also wants to be of good influence on mankind as it were, but when one pays exact attention to it, then one recognizes the origin and sees the worthlessness of such commandments under the veneer of the apparent noble, which run counter to the ones of the Lord and can never have a beneficial effect for the soul of man. But every final victory is also preceded by fights, which you have to pass. All of you stand firm like a man – then you can never be overcome in a fight, which you wage for Jesus Christ – the originator of the divine commandments. Because it is his knowledge, which also recognizes in anticipation the effects of this fight. What men create, vanishes – but God’s word remains in existence forever. Amen. B.D. NR. 360.


Book 5-9 0389

My guide and protector. Control spirit. Pupil – Teacher.

26. April 1938. B.D. NR. 389.

An so the bringer of all spiritual exercises his love work towards a child willing to love, it will inflame always hotter in love towards the saviour and all divine wisdoms, all teachings and instructions will be received in the heart in such love glow. And such an earth child must now form and develop itself. A pupil must become like its teacher. The only task which a teacher assigns to a pupil is to be solved to the satisfaction of the divine teacher, and that is why that spirit power tends and teaches you tirelessly, which was assigned to you as guide and protector and which rules its post with great friendliness. The being, which is always around you, which directs your thoughts, is well-disposed towards you. It is the Lord’s most beloved servant John. Amen. B.D. NR. 389.


Book 5-9 0396

Feeling for beauty of nature and purpose of this for men.

3. May 1938. B.D. Nr. 396.

Beings rule you now, which you draw near to you through thoughts, which deal with the coming into being of the universe. These are those beings, to which power is given over everything what surrounds you in nature on earth. These also partly put the feeling into your heart, so that it rises and arouses as soon as nature around you is of special attraction. All of you certainly know the feeling of happiness, which seizes possession of you, and this is at every season, but very especially when everything comes into being afresh and greens and blossoms. The beings, to which all this is subordinated, are connected by a good spirit with the children of the earth. They are always only endeavoured to give news to men about the eternal divinity, and so is every little leaf, every flower, every blade of grass – everything what gladdens the heart of man in nature, only a visible sign, which points to the divine creator, to whom all active spirit beings are subject. Where these miracles already pour forth such a blessed power on your emotional life, there every thinking man must come closer to eternity, when he does not, as the state with men has unfortunately got the upper hand – considers all these miracles as something that occurs every day and hardly notices it. These again will hardly achieve to get eternal truth explained through the wonders of creation. The obvious signs, with which the creator works all this, will make no impression, and the hearts of men so hardened are in a bad way – because they lack the first basic ideas, which only make a deep understanding possible. So the heavenly father lays to all of you the sense for beauty into the heart – the more you cultivate this by learning to consider everything around you spiritually, the easier you will be able to grasp that the feeling for beauty also triggers the feeling of happiness in you. But conversely hardly something will be able to be offered to you when you are not able to see some remarkable attraction in such obvious work of the spirit beings. When you go blindly through this beautiful life on earth and are not able to acknowledge the thousand miracles which surround you every day. The spirit beings, which let everything around you come into being, are well-disposed towards you – it is their aim – as that of all highly developed beings, likewise the wrestling over the souls of darkness, and they apply all the means available to them so that man is prompted to think and could not help thinking a question through the play in nature: - In which connection stands man with all what surrounds him? – Once this question is raised then a slow recognizing begins, which is vividly supported by these spirit beings, because also they are very concerned about the care about these men, and they therefore try hard all the time to have an enlightening and cheering effect on man to awaken the feeling of a union with God in them, out of which the light of recognition then ignites and now the existence on earth is used for eternity in such enlightened state. It is the Lords will that the arising of nature each year prompts you to think, that you brood about why and for what purpose the splendour of earth is perhaps shown to man and what finally may be the assignment of man in the middle of this environment. Amen. B.D. NR. 396.


Book 5-9 0432

Recognition in the hereafter. Disguising of light beings. Self-accusation.

25. May 1938. B.D. NR. 432.

At all times you are to think of those who have left the valley earth already a long time ago and had to enter the hereafter in an immature state. They certainly have got a difficult lot; they cannot find their way around in the surroundings granted to them – they wrangle with themselves and are unhappy to such a degree that love has to come towards them to redeem them – i.e. to help them to find the right way also there out of their darkness. Where now there the soul fights for light it will be guided well and inevitably makes progress. But exactly the time until the recognition is so unspeakably difficult for this soul. On earth God gave them favour over favour so that it was to find itself in faith in the Lord Jesus Christ. There they have to seek it still much more out of their own strength – i.e. strive for this recognition with their own will because the strength has to first be supplied to them through loving activity of higher spirit beings or through remembering in love in prayer on earth. It is such a great difference between a perfect spirit being and the soul entrusted to it that it would be impossible out of such fullness of light to charitably influence the soul, which is still surrounded by dark night. It would certainly compulsorily profess the light, but also have to die under this sudden fullness of light, and a complete purification of the soul could not take place. So it is advisable to the light being to take on a disguise, which makes the contact with the poor soul easier possible. And in this garment, which is just a little bit lighter than that of the erring soul, the light spirit wins the connection with it and now seeks to bring it into the state of recognition of its situation. Many possibilities are offered and described to it in the process, which are of use to improve its situation. The soul, which in its darkness has become already so hopeless, grasps everything with innermost desire to only free itself from the present situation, and so the striving for the light begins. The situation of such naked soul, left to itself, which thinks in agony of self-accusations of its failed life, is often pitiable. And an over-great work of love is done to these beings when a little help is brought to them, which men could do so extremely easily and plentifully when they think in prayer of these lightless, severely wrestling souls, which certainly resisted all favours offered to them on earth through their own fault and now exceedingly gratefully accept every smallest help, which makes their situation more bearable. When you want to obtain an unusual measure of gratitude for yourselves then come to the help of those souls. They languish in darkness and cannot redeem themselves without such – and they are also never allowed into circles of light before they not themselves have the firm will to extricate themselves from darkness with all strength and to strive for light regions. And in order to be able to muster this will out of yourselves you are to help these poor beings and to think of them in prayer in everlasting care so that the light also enters there and innumerable beings are getting redeemed in virtue of love. Amen. B.D. NR. 432.


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